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About Asthma UK

About asthma

Today three families will lose someone to asthma. Everyone knows someone with asthma and yet not everyone knows it can and does kill.

‘My mum died of an asthma attack. Although she had quite severe asthma and went into hospital occasionally nobody expected it to cause her death. Mum went to the doctor a lot and knew quite a lot about her asthma but not as much as she could have. If people with asthma were more aware of their condition they’d realise it can be properly controlled.’

‘Our parents lost their first son, our brother, to asthma when he was just five years old. He had spent all of his short life going in and out of hospital. As our parents know, it is incredibly stressful putting a child to bed and being unsure whether they’ll get through the night without an attack.’

‘I’ve had asthma since I was about three, that’s 29 years. My asthma is quite well controlled but at the moment I need six medicines to do this. Unless some medical breakthrough happens I’ll have to take medicine for the rest of my life.’

‘My asthma gets really bad and it does annoy me as it means I have to miss out on things like school trips.  I have to take a lot of different medicines every day and go to hospital every few months for an injection to stop my asthma getting worse.’

Asthma is serious – it’s one of the most common long-term conditions among children and adults. It’s a condition that affects the airways – the small tubes that carry air in and out of the lungs.

Breathing isn’t a luxury for most of us, for people with asthma it can be. For some people even climbing the stairs can feel like a marathon, never mind going outside their home. Although it can be well managed, enabling some people to lead full and active lives, it hospitalises over 200 people every day, and prevents many from fulfilling their full potential. 

Our vision for the future

Our vision of ‘control over asthma today and freedom from asthma tomorrow’ is a vision of a world where asthma is no longer a daily battle for some and where no one dies from the condition. We work towards this by supporting people with asthma when they need us the most and fund world-leading research to find better treatments and, ultimately, a cure.

Our vision is supported by our beliefs and values, which underpin the work we do:

What we believe and value

Everything we do is driven by people with asthma which means that we value being Trusted to put the interests of people with asthma first. As a patient organisation this ensures we are committed to making changes that see real impact for people with asthma.

We believe in scientific and professional excellence and in advancing solutions which means we value advancing knowledge. This demonstrates our commitment to excellence, both scientific and professional and draws from our history as a charity encouraging the best medical research into the causes and treatments for asthma. We strive to create an environment conducive to creative thinking and innovation, where we measure and evaluate our work, ask questions, reflect on shared learning and find new solutions.

We’re fighting for a better quality of life for people with asthma and we believe in building healthy environments which means we value promoting quality of life. Our goal is to enable people with asthma to lead full and active lives. This means we need to support them holistically - in school, in the workplace or with the benefits system. Internally, we promote quality of our working lives by creating a positive working environment, preventing stress and considering flexible working where we can.

We believe in encouraging personal development and in continuous learning and improvement which means we value developing potential. We are dedicated to helping people with asthma overcome barriers and realise their potential. It also demonstrates our commitment to become a learning organisation where we grow our skills, seek to improve and listen and learn from customer experiences to increase our community of supporters. We want increased motivation for staff and greater empowerment to suggest and make changes to improve how we do things.

Our Goal and key target 

Our strategy is focused on one overarching goal:

To prevent asthma attacks, especially those that result in death and emergency hospitalisation.

This is underpinned with clear targets:

  • We will cut the number of hospitalisations by 50% over the next five years.
  • We will reduce asthma deaths to below the European average within five years.
  • We will ensure that no child will die from asthma within ten years.

Four key audiences, chosen because of their higher risk of an asthma attack have been chosen to help target our work. They are: 

  • People newly diagnosed with asthma
  • Those using emergency asthma care
  • People with severe asthma
  • Children with asthma and allergies and their parents and care

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