Digital Marketing Manager

Major Players
Chiswick, London
£45000 - £55000 per annum
06 Nov 2019
06 Dec 2019
Lydia Stiller-Flowerdew
Business Type
Brand / In-house
Senior Manager
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Digital Marketing Manager- Entertainment, Chiswick

Remember when you very first went to the cinema as a kid?

Yeah, me neither.

But remember when you used to go with your mates? And when you had turn up to it because it had all been organised and couldn't let your friends down and you didn't have a phone to just quickly cancel for some inane reason?

You'd meet by the pick 'n' mix, fill a 60 litre cup to the brim with foam bananas and bon bons which were way too hard to actually chew, and stride into the screen so you could sit in better seats than you'd actually paid for.

And you sat through advert after advert after advert. And then do you remember those little quizzes they used to do? I literally just remembered those. Please tell me you remember them?

They were impossible questions like:

Who currently plays James Bond?
1. Pierce Brosnan
2. A triangle
3. The house of commons

And then they had the answer at the bottom anyway. Amazing.

Then the trailers. Ah, the trailers. Was there anything better than seeing all the absolute best bits of a film so that it ruins it for you when you go and see it? Those were the days.

And then, after you'd eaten approximately four times your bodyweight in pick 'n' mix, the film finally, mercifully started. And then someone was all excited and then in peril and then someone died and someone else was saved and then it was all ok and then it was over and you felt so much better than you had done earlier when you hadn't just witnessed something fantastic, something uplifting with some of the people you loved most in the world.

You all began to exit, bumping into each other in the dark, barely whispering now because you couldn't be silent any longer; not now you were so happy, not now you were hopped up on enough sugar to rouse a sleeping rhino, not now you hadn't spoken in hours and needed to tell your best friends in the world all about that one bit and how awesome it was and just make them understand how awesome it was.

And then you went home. And your parents saw that you were lit up. And you rambled onto them while they probably didn't take everything but were just so happy that their little one was so happy.

Don't you want to take your hard-won digital marketing talents and work for the brand behind these moments?

If you've read this far, perhaps you do. It's a 360 role - paid and organic - and it's paying between £45,000 and £55,000. I can't say who the brand is at this very moment, but you'd know them in an instant.

If you want to chat more, here I am:

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