Senior Account Director

Around £60k depending on experience, plus incentive based bonus,
23 May 2022
23 Jun 2022
B2B, B2C
Business Type
Senior Manager
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About Us

This agency is a Think Tank for brand strategy, communication, and connectivity.

Inspiring ‘can do’ rational efficacy in the head, and ‘can’t do without’ emotional advocacy in the heart.

We are creative strategists.

We unravel thorny problems.

We shine the light on new solutions.

We identify new possibilities.

We generate belief and turn it into action.

Job Purpose

As ever, great Account Handlers are drivers. This role is no different. You will be a Jackie (or Jack) of all trades and a master of all of them. You'll be responsible for identifying new business opportunities, leading existing projects and farming the hell out of business once it’s delivered. 

You’ll work extremely closely with both the founder of the business, and the Senior Planner. And as a threesome, you will become invincible.

You will love the communications business, be fizzing with a natural energy and a ’we can do whatever we set our minds to’ belief system. HOWEVER, you will also be acutely aware that the confidence required to deliver that comes with experience, empathy and knowledge. 

So, the job comes with a requirement to deliver this both internally and externally. To drive your teammates to new heights and to create ‘can’t do without’ advocacy in your clients.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities

On any given day, you could be involved with a number of different clients at the same time. The crucial task is your ability to identify specific business needs for each whilst carrying out the following duties:

Organisation – naturally you will drive from the front. Working with a bunch of creative strategy idealists you will bring pragmatism, detail and punctuality to the project. You will inspire with a miraculous organising and fixing skill set

Communication – liaising with clients re relationship building, budget securing, information gathering, and time managing is essential. At the same time, communication with your own team to match the client’s needs with a provocative solutions sales gift is a must. 

Presentation – Persuasive and credible communication of the above is where you hit the sweet spot. Given our desire to constantly push the boundaries of possibility, building from a logical, well thought through position of strength is an essential

Curiosity - you will have your finger on the pulse. If the info doesn’t exist, you’ll work with the Planner to find it both in terms of self-generated discovery and Research Agency partners. 

Product Knowledge – Your ability to identify the product’s key point of difference and reason for being will provide the foundation for helping the Planner craft briefs for credible creative expression.

And all of this in the context of our values…

Provocative    - tomorrow’s world will be shaped by anything other than the status quo

Articulate        - complex arguments must be made simple to prove this

Empowered    - no one will stand in your way if you are compelling enough

Inspiring          - you will shine and lead the way for others 

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