Welcome to the British Heart Foundation

At the British Heart Foundation, there’s one thing that motivates all of us, and that’s funding research to beat the world’s biggest killers - heart and circulatory diseases.

From Internal Communications and IT to Retail and Digital Marketing, we attract experts. But experts who are driven by wanting to be part of something bigger. We’re all here to play our part in keeping families together. From our offices to our shops - we’re here to beat heartbreak forever.


Core Values

Everyone who works at the BHF lives our values every day, because whatever role we’re in, we share the same fearless commitment to sparing families the heartbreak of conditions like stroke, heart failure, atrial fibrillation and other heart diseases - conditions that currently kill one in four in the UK.
Our values are:

  • Brave: We are brave because it takes heroic qualities to beat heartbreak forever. We’ll speak out and say what we think, while also acknowledging and learning from our mistakes. We’re decisive and innovative, unafraid to push boundaries, ambitious and always open to new ideas and concepts.
  • Informed: We’re always armed with knowledge and evidence, and seek to know more. Being informed means we work collaboratively and share information. We communicate to all our audiences as clearly and accurately as we can, and we remain curious and ask questions.
  • Compassionate: We show compassion by taking a personal interest in the hearts and minds of everyone around us. We listen, speak and behave respectfully, being inclusive, friendly and honest to all, while helping people understand decisions. We all act as ambassadors for the BHF, as well as taking personal responsibility for healthy behaviour at work.
  • Driven: We’re driven because we know the need is urgent and we have to make things happen. Focused on using our time and resources effectively and efficiently we’re determined, purposeful and proactive, playing an active role in our own development.

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