Frequently Asked Questions

General questions and tips about the Campaign job board. If you are looking for further information about Campaign Jobs: About Campaign Jobs | Contact us

What is Campaign Jobs?

This is the advertising, creative, marketing and media professionals specialist job board for the Campaign editorial site and the Campaign UK Magazine. These publications and job boards are published by Haymarket Media.

Getting started with Campaign

As mentioned above, Campaign Jobs is a specialist job board. The job board is one of the best sources for finding the latest vacancies available for you. To get the most out of your job hunting experience, it is recommended to create a free account where you can upload and provide your up-to-date details, for you to be able to benefit from one-click applications, e-mail alerts about new roles and save jobs. This is perfect if you are browsing jobs while you are using a mobile phone.

How do I advertise my jobs at Campaign Jobs

Step 1 Sign in to your account (If you don’t already have an account you can sign up here)

Step 2 Choose an advertising solution that suits you

Step 3 Upload your vacancy and choose how you want to receive applications

Step 4 Start receiving applications today

Post a job today

How do I search/find jobs

You can access all jobs by using the ‘Find a job’ button in the main menu, where you can browse and apply to the jobs that are relevant for you. But, for better relevance there are a few ways you can optimise your list pages too. You can do this by using our filter* (available from most list pages and the ‘Find a job’ page, using ‘keyword’ search (also available from that page and from the homepage), or you can browse vacancies by different hiring companies/recruiters.

Keyword / free text search

The 'keyword' search is a straightforward and simple solution to list relevant jobs. The word(s) you type in in the search box will go through all our jobs and list matching results for you.

Filters for more specific job lists

Filter is what we call the navigation menu where you can be more specific with your criterias for your next step in your career. We have split the filter into different topics/areas which hopefully will make it easier for you.

These include filters such as ‘Business Type’, where you can provide information if you prefer to work in an agency or in-house, ‘Specialism’, such as design, digital, account management and so on, but the most popular filter is ‘Location’, where you can specify which area/city, or even part of the city, you are interesting working in.

How to use job filters

  1. Go to ‘Find a job’ and you will see the filter straight away (if you are using a computer or tablet it is on the left hand side. If you are using a mobile, you will see it on top of the page under the main navigation.
  2. By selecting the filter suitable for you, the list page will change to display only jobs matching your criteria. You can be as narrow or broad as you like and the number next to each option is an indicator over how many vacancies we currently have available for the seleciton.TIPS: You can combine as many filters as you need.
  3. You can now browse and apply (or save) the positions which that are of interest for you. TIPS: If you would like to view more jobs for the filters you have selected, you can just register your email in the min form on top of the listings. We will then send a notification directly to your email with new opportunities when they come. This is also known as Job Alerts. See: Creating a job alert to ease your job hunt below.

Popular and common filters

My Account and Profile

Benefits of having a free account

With a registered account you can apply to jobs with a simple click, even apply while browsing jobs via your mobile. It is also much easier to keep track over jobs you have applied to, shortlisted and saved. With a jobseeker account you can:

  • Publish your CV and get recruited
  • Manage your 'jobs by email'
  • Access your jobs from any computer
  • Keep a central record of your applications

How do I create an account?

You can use the register link ("person-icon" on mobile) listed in the top-right corner. From there you can create your basic account or optimise it even further with uploading CV and setting up your job alerts.

Creating a job alert to ease your job hunt

Job alert is a great tool to stay on top of the available roles suitable for you. This highly customisable tool send a notification directly to your email with matching opportunities according to your settings. This mean you can get a head start with your applications before anyone else.

Tips for creating job alerts

  1. You can sign up to 5 job alerts
  2. Use filters (or keyword search) to set up alerts
  3. If your needs change, you can easily delete and create new ones which are more suitable for your current needs

Unsubscribe from marketing emails

We are sad to see you leave our matching job emails, but if you have are unhappy about what we are doing wrong, we can try to address it, so please let us know what we could do better for you to stay.

You can edit your marketing preferences by logging into your Jobseeker account and selecting ‘edit preferences’. Uncheck the boxes under ‘Marketing preferences’ and click Save.

Edit or unsubscribe from job alerts/email jobs

If you have been lucky and accepted a new job and feel you do not need alerts anymore, why not just update the alerts to your next move, that way you will receive alerts directly to your inbox with suitable roles when you are ready!

If you feel the jobs you are receiving

To unsubscribe from any of our Jobs by Email, simply click the ‘Unsubscribe me’ link at the bottom of the email. Alternatively, you can edit or unsubscribe from any of the job alerts, by logging into your account, selecting ‘Your jobs by email’. Here you will see an option to either edit or delete each alert. Please note: To unsubscribe from multiple Job Alerts, you will need to click unsubscribe in each individual email.

How do I delete my account

Log into your Jobseekers account, select Your Account (from the tabs across the top of the page), click Delete Account. You will be prompted to enter your existing password, enter and confirm your new password. Click Save.