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Alice’s Adventures Underground: has been extended to 21 weeks from an original eight-week run

'Alice is the first big step in a new world'

Creature is fast making a name for itself in theatre. This is what differentiates the agency from its rivals in

Omnicom's MacCallum and Mail's Gorman to lead judges of the Media Week Awards 2015

Gorman and MacCallum to lead judges of Media Week Awards 2015

Rosemary Gorman, group ad director at Mail Newspapers, and Ali MacCallum, chief executive of Omnicom's M2M, will take the lead

Why we're loving: Anna Strelkova, sand artist

Strelkova collaborated with Vodafone by creating work with rice, coffee, sugar and sand to show how mobile technology can enhance

Project Everyone: MacKenzie asks media owners to back the UN initiative to end extreme poverty

Amanda Mackenzie asks media owners to support Project Everyone

Media owners have been asked to support a United Nations initiative to end extreme poverty and tackle climate change by

Ali Smith's 'How To Be Both' won this year's Baileys Women's Prize For Fiction

Watch: behind the marketing strategy for Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction

Marketing catches up with Anna MacDonald, marketing manager for Baileys Western Europe, to talk book clubs, partnerships and staying salient

How marketers are carving their own creative space

Whether you're sunning yourself on La Croisette or lunching 'al desko' in Crawley, creativity is the lynchpin of marketing. Suzy

Where do Jamie Oliver, Mary Portas and Sir John Hegarty get creative inspiration?

To celebrate our focus on 'creative collisions', Marketing asked some of the most creative thinkers across business, media and fashion

The Grand Hotel: Venue for Media360

Industry leaders prepare to gather along the seafront for Media360 in Brighton

The stage is set for marketing and media leaders to explore best practices and be inspired by innovations at this

Advice to my younger self...

Advice to my younger self...

It's a cliché but it's true: the media business is a people business. We asked some of those who have