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The industry has much to learn from TV

Media research is not perfect. Never has been.

TV viewing: watching on a set declined by 4.7 per cent in 2014

TV viewing declined 4.5% in 2014

Total TV viewing declined by 4.5 per cent in 2014, as heavy viewers watched less telly, and viewing on computers

Justin Sampson: chief executive of Barb (photo: Colin Stout)

TV body Barb to track viewing via tablets

Official viewing figures for UK television audiences will now include consumption on iPads and Android tablets following an overhaul of

Foxy Bingo: bingo accounted for 38.3 per cent of gambling ads on TV in 2012

Gambling TV ads up nine-fold since laws relaxed

Gambling advertising on television has increased nine-fold since the rules on gambling ads were relaxed, according to research from the

Channel 5: boosted ad impacts among highly valued audiences last year

Channel 5 expected to boost ad impacts among prized audiences

Channel 5 is expected to be the only terrestrial channel to have increased its share of ads watched by people

Justin Sampson: joining Barb

Justin Sampson takes chief executive role at Barb

Justin Sampson, the former managing director of the Radio Advertising Bureau and director of customer relationship marketing at ITV, is

The BBC iPlayer: a major part of the online TV viewing landscape

Online TV viewing reaching plateau, says Barb

TV viewing via the internet is beginning to plateau as the numbers of consumers accessing TV either via a computer

Rhys McLachlan, corporate development director, Videology

Think BR: Moving media measurement into the 21st Century

Use of traditional media metrics is stifling development and innovation in the media landscape, writes Rhys McLachlan, corporate development director,

TV viewing: Barb seeks cross-industry input on audience measurement

Barb seeks cross-industry contribution to TV measurement

Barb, the TV audience measurement body, has invited the TV industry to come together to form a working group to

TV viewing: Barb now to introduce web TV-viewing meter

Barb to measure web TV viewing

Barb is to start measuring TV viewing on PCs, laptops and tablet computers this year, following the introduction of a