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The top five Super Bowl ad gaffes

The Super Bowl is now recognised as a time when brands show off their very best work. But for every

Doritos: comes out in support of LGBT rights

Doritos makes rainbow crisps in support of LGBT rights

Doritos has made a limited edition run of rainbow coloured tortilla chips in support of the LGBT community in the

Doritos: partners The Lad Bible and OMD UK to launch The Summer Bible

Doritos challenges The Lad Bible to take world's first 12-hour holiday

Doritos, the crisp brand owned by Walkers Snack Foods, has teamed up with the Lad Bible to launch 'The Summer

Event TV: Doritos launch new snack with 'Roulette Fire walk' surprise stunt

Event TV: Doritos launches new snack with 'Roulette fire walk'

Doritos has invited members of the public to take part in a surprise challenge to launch its new Doritos Roulette

Newcastle Brown Ale 'Chores' by Droga5 NY

Newcastle tries, and fails, to enter a contest for an amateur ad for snack chips that would play during the

Newcastle Brown Ale: the ad it entered into Doritos' 'Crash the Super Bowl' UGC competition

Newcastle Brown Ale tries to crash Super Bowl via Doritos competition

Newcastle Brown Ale tried but failed to sneak an ad into this year's Super Bowl after entering a thinly-disguised promo

James Bedford’s 'angler' spot: shortlisted for Doritos Super Bowl contest

Doritos shortlists 10 films for $1m Super Bowl contest

Film-makers from the UK, Australia and Canada will go up against six US entrants in snack brand Doritos' annual popular

Spotify: music streaming service hosted an opening party at Advertising Week 2014

Spotify urges brands to use caution when entering music artist tie-ups

Advertisers wanting to align their campaigns with bands and artists should ensure that their "ethos" fits the music, or their

Lasting partnerships: top tips to make brand love last

Dreaded by some, eagerly awaited by others, inescapable for all, Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. Tamara Gillan, CEO and founder

Coke's #AmericaIsBeautiful Super Bowl ad

Super Bowl 2014: Budweiser wins battle for social media buzz while Coke's ad stalls

Budweiser was the clear winner on social media of this year's Super Bowl as it dominated both Twitter and YouTube,