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Inside F1 Live: Marking a new era for Formula 1

Guy Horner, CEO of the TBA Group, reveals the logistical challenges of staging F1 Live London - a first-of-its-kind event

Behind the scenes: Formula 1's F1 Live event

Last week in London F1 Live celebrated a new era of Formula 1, which brings fans closer to the action.

Blog: Why brands are poor performers in Formula 1

David Hornby is founder and managing director of consultancy business Why Not, which has worked on projects including the England

David Coulthard draws parallels between data use in Formula 1 and marketing

Lessons in data-driven marketing from Formula 1 driver David Coulthard

What does former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard have in common with modern marketers? A career in which data has

Marketers and Formula 1 drivers have more in common than you'd think

Why marketers are increasingly like F1 racing drivers

The use of real-time data by smart marketers is accelerating as fast as a Mercedes AMG Petronas coming out of

Honda PU22: the engine/power unit powering Jenson Button's Honda F1 car has been given a face

Honda engines given personalities and Twitter handles in Formula 1 campaign

Honda has anthropomorphised two of the engine-types (recently re-dubbed 'power-units') used in its Formula 1 cars in a campaign aimed

Purity partners with Chinese agency Verve

Purity targets Asia with Chinese partnership

Brand experience and staffing agency Purity has announced a partnership with Chinese event marketing company Verve International.

Brands use social media to congratulate F1 champion Lewis Hamilton

Brands including Mercedes-Benz have taken to social media to congratulate Lewis Hamilton on winning his second Formula 1 Drivers Championship,

DHL: criticised for posting images of injured F1 driver Jules Bianchi on its Facebook page

DHL under fire for 'using' F1 Bianchi crash for 'likes'

DHL is being criticised on social media for appearing to take advantage of Formula 1 driver Jules Bianchi's horrifying crash

Partnership: Nick Blazquez of Diageo (l) and Bernie Ecclestone of Formula 1 (r)

Johnnie Walker signs up as 'Official Whisky' of Formula 1

Johnnie Walker has become the "Official Whisky" of Formula 1 in a "multi-year" deal that enhances the brand's existing association