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Power 100: the leading media and tech marketers

These are the media and tech company executives that made Campaign's annual list of the top 100 marketers.

Power 100: meet retail's top marketers

Campaign rounds up leading marketers working in retail sector.

Power 100: meet the leading food and drink marketers

Campaign brings together top marketers working in the food and drink industry.

An entrepreneurial spirit of added creativity: how Covid has changed the game for marketers

Power 100's marketers are united in the way they have adapted with superhuman speed and agility to the unique environment

How did the Power 100 marketers spend their time during lockdown?

From boosting culinary skills to adopting a wide range of new sports, those who made Campaign's Power 100 list got

Creativity and emotion must take the lead as we approach an uncertain future

Marketers must make it their mission to break analysis paralysis and build new campaigns and products that don't optimise existing

When we erase people in culture, we put our brands and our society at risk

Diversity cannot be considered separate to the creative process.

This is what inspires me: Al Pacino, door handles and bad dubbing

Molson Coors's marketing director gives his unconventional take on work that has made him the marketer he is today.

Get ready, AI is coming like a freight train

An AI-driven future can prepare us all for lift-off... just don't forget to add some old-school creativity.

It's true that I am often the only woman in the room

Michelle Roberts' father advised against a career in the automotive industry, but she's glad she ignored him.