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The Zoo Lates series has finished for 2014

RSPCA and PETA back Zoo Lates ban

Animal-protection groups including the RSPCA and People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals (PETA) have supported a petition demanding an

Dogs Trust: charity reveals that new chief executive is to be Adrian Burder

Dogs Trust marketing director Adrian Burder to take top role

Adrian Burder, the deputy chief executive and marketing director of the Dogs Trust, is set to take over the running

RSPCA: badger cull ad banned for 'exterminate' claim

RSPCA badger cull ad banned for 'exterminate' claim

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has been rapped by the ASA for using misleading

John Grounds: deputy chief executive of the RSPCA

RSPCA unveils 10-year marketing strategy in lead-up to 200th anniversary

The RSPCA is embarking on a ten-year marketing strategy to boost public understanding of its work for animal welfare, as

Marmite: latest ad campaign sparks wave of complaints

Marmite donates to RSPCA as complaints reach 400

Unilever has donated £18,000 to the RSCPA in an effort to diffuse the outcry over its recent Marmite ad, which

RSPCA: DM review

RSPCA calls review of £5m DM account

The RSPCA, the animal-welfare charity, has called a review of its estimated £5 million direct marketing account.

Charities should share tax burden

A proposal to limit tax relief on donations has met with much bleating, but charities that play the victim are

RSPCA: Mike Colling & Company was the incumbent

MediaCom picks up RSPCA account

The RSPCA has appointed MediaCom to handle its £2 million media planning and buying account.

Freedom Food: brief relates to the RSPCA’s farm assurance and food-labelling scheme

RSPCA begins hunt for creative agency

The RSPCA is looking for an agency to handle an advertising campaign around food labelling.

RSPCA: appoints Total Media to Freedom Food account

RSPCA's Freedom Food appoints Total Media

Freedom Food, the RSPCA's farm assurance and food labelling scheme, has appointed Total Media to handle the planning and buying