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Apple: marking forty years of innovation on April 1

Apple's history in nine innovations

Apple turns 40 this week, with CEO Tim Cook acknowledging the milestone at the firm's launch of the iPhone SE

Apple's 'Silhouette' campaign for the iPod

The 10 best ads in Apple's 40-year history

Apple has come a long way since its first advert 40 years ago and Marketing has taken a look back

Apple celebrates its most famous tech and ads with '40 years in 40 seconds' spot

Apple will turn 40 on 1 April this year, celebrating the fact with a spot aired during its iPhone SE

Mortimer holds the title of production director at HSE Cake

My Event World - Neil Mortimer

Neil Mortimer, the production director at HSE Cake spoke to Event about his desire to play for Wales in the

John Sculley was the CEO of Pepsi and Apple

Former Apple CEO John Sculley on Steve Jobs, noble causes and creating the Pepsi Challenge

John Sculley, former Apple and Pepsi CEO, denies sacking Steve Jobs, relishes the moment Pepsi marketing surpassed Coca-Cola and believes

Tim Cook: the Apple boss on PBS's 'Charlie Rose' show

Apple CEO Tim Cook bemoans 'terrible' TV stuck in 1970s

Apple chief executive Tim Cook told American viewers last night that TV was like a "time capsule" taking consumers back

Apple's Phil Schiller

Competitive paranoia, agency mistrust and career angst - meet Apple's CMO Phil Schiller

As Apple's top global marketer, Philip Schiller is the envy of the marketing industry - but not everything is plain

Helen Edwards: Take a chance on creativity

An elusive but essential quality in businesses, creativity requires bold thinking on a corporate level, as well as from the

Red Bull Stratos

Six marketing lessons from Red Bull Stratos

The success of the Red Bull Stratos project underlines a broad cultural shift in marketing where brands are attempting to

Helen Edwards: 'Know your brand' is a neat winning formula

The recent achievements of John Lewis and Greggs illustrate the importance of being true to your brand, and your market