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Articles: 2027 Results
Samsung: Jay-Z giveaway leads chart

Campaign Viral Chart: Samsung's Jay-Z giveaway is most shared

Samsung's film to promote their Jay-Z album giveaway has been shared 157,928 times, to become the most-shared ad this week.

Sony's PlayStation 4: spoof instructional ad tops the chart this week

Campaign Viral Chart: Sony XBox One spoof leads

Sony's PlayStation 4 tops the Campaign Viral Chart this week, with an ad poking fun at recent confusion over whether

Hump day: video promoting Geico group is chart topper with 174,474 shares this week

Campaign Viral Chart: Happy camel leads upbeat chart

US insurer Geico tops the chart this week with its surreal "hump day" ad, featuring a happy computer-generated camel, shared

Kmart: top spot bags 272,000 shares this week

Campaign Viral Chart: Kmart leads chart with 'big gas' viral

Kmart, the US retailer, has topped the chart of most-shared ads with 290,176 shares for its "big gas savings" video,

Samsung: three ads rack up 375,000 shares

Campaign Viral Chart: Samsung scores hat-trick in tech-heavy chart

Samsung and its agency Cheil dominate the chart this week with three ads, shared a combined 375,000 times.

Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy: star in Audi film

Campaign Viral Chart: Spock vs Spock in Audi challenge

Audi supports the launch of the new 'Star Trek' film with a viral that pitches actor Zachary Quinto against original

Beyonce: re-enters the chart after switching Pepsi for H&M

Campaign Viral Chart: Beyonce switches to H&M as Evian stays top

Beyonce's ad for Pepsi slips out of this week's chart but the megastar makes a reappearance in a spot for

Evian: return of dancing babies boosts water brand to first place

Campaign Viral Chart: Evian's dancing baby returns in first place

Evian's latest baby ad has shot to first place in the chart after being shared 1.5 million times this week.

Ship My Pants: Kmart is most shared ad this week

Campaign Viral Chart: Kmart ships its pants and takes first place

A comic ad from American retailer Kmart has shot to first place in this week's viral chart after being shared

Pepsi: Beyonce through the ages is most-shared ad

Campaign Viral Chart: Pepsi and Beyonce lead celeb-heavy list

Pepsi's spot starring music megastar Beyonce is the most-shared ad this week after generating 226,737 shares across Facebook, Twitter and