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Original, vibrant, honest: Why brands should embrace vloggers

The creative firepower of meaningful connections between brands and vloggers should not be underestimated, even though marketers must tread with a search engine that connects YouTube stars to brands launches, a matchmaking search engine for YouTube stars and brands

The financial ecosystem around YouTube stars has expanded with the arrival of, an online matchmaker for vloggers and brands.

Marketers and agencies are struggling with how to price influencer marketing

Attention marketers: how to price influencer marketing

As with all new mediums, measurement is a painful side issue for brands and agencies. Timothy Armoo, founder of influencer

StyleHaul: the multichannel network that hosts Zoella's YouTube channel

Zoella's network StyleHaul gives ten tips on vlogger campaigns

Working with vloggers does not need to be difficult, provided brands go in with the mindset, writes James Stafford, European

Zoella: fashion and beauty vlogger

Five tips for successful vlogger marketing

The latest Advertising Standards Authority ruling against Proctor & Gamble's Beauty Recommended vlogger content marks a new era for branded

Dan and Phil: YouTubers star in an ad for Oreo that has been banned by the ASA

ASA calls for clearer guidelines between vloggers and brands

The Advertising Standards Authority wants to create clearer guidelines for vloggers and brands, according to Guy Parker, its chief executive,

Zoella: vlogger interviewed at the Summer In The City event

Four lessons from a day with YouTube stars

Some 8,000 youngsters packed themselves into Alexandra Palace on Saturday to meet their online idols. Campaign spoke to some of