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Stella Artois: produced a two-minute film about Rufus the pigeon-scaring hawk

Stella Artois Wimbledon short tells tale of pigeon-hunting Rufus

Wimbledon's pigeon-scaring hawk Rufus stars in a two-minute film for beer brand and tournament sponsor Stella Artois.

Maria Sharapova stars in the Rizzle Kicks music video

Evian's Rizzle Kicks music video stars Wimbledon ace Maria Sharapova

Rizzle Kicks chase tennis star Maria Sharapova down the streets of Wimbledon in a Evian-sponsored music video called "Tell Her"

DOE employs shock tactics for new driving safety film

Schoolchildren crushed by out-of-control car in graphic driving safety film

A speeding driver smashes over a hedge and crushes a group of children who are out on a field trip,

Pantene: empowering women to stop apologising

Pantene tells women 'Don't be strong and shine'

Pantene is fighting for the rights of women who say things like "Sorry, can I ask a stupid question?" or

Fiat: weirdness reigns in ads for Fiat 500

Frantic stop-motion madness used in Gif-inspired Fiat 500 films

Robots, men with horse heads, exploding robots, a woman having her skirt lifted by the breeze of a passing car,

Hello Flo is back with 'First Moon' party

'Periods don't have glitter in them' Hello Flo girl hears after mortifying First Moon party

"What are you talking about? This party is a hit. Your grandpa is bobbing for ovaries like a champ!" the

The charging pad that was inserted into trousers designed by A.Sauvage

Microsoft sews a phone charger into pocket to create wireless designer trousers

One of modern life's biggest annoyances, your phone's battery dying when you are out and about, is tackled with the

Malibu: first big push for 'Best Summer Ever Project'

Malibu video captures exuberance of 'best summer ever'

If you like flashing Instagram-style images of watermelons, beautiful faces, naked legs doubling as mustard-drizzled hotdogs, and other photos conjuring

Waterman's Blue Obsession campaign by BBH

Photorealism artist Dirk Dzimirsky creates life-like woman with Waterman pens

A time-lapse video shows the careful, detailed workings of Dirk Dzimirsky as he slowly builds a life-like image of a

Fragrance Lab at Selfridges, London

Selfridges sparks sensory overload in personalised Fragrance Lab experience

How would you like to go on "a journey to explore the outer reaches of scent, to discover the essence