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Wayne's World's famous satirical jibe at product placement isn't often far off from the truth

Product placement: you're doing it wrong

Whether it's James Bond drinking beer or Philip Schofield not drinking coffee, it's all around you, you are bombarded by

Spectre: the new Bond film promotional poster features Daniel Craig in an N Peal jumper

Bond's back: from Heineken to Range Rover, brands line up for a part in Spectre

With Bond-mania gathering momentum ahead of Spectre's cinematic release, Marketing decided to take a closer look at some of the

Samsung: seeking ways of replicating Ellen DeGeneres' Oscars selfie in the UK

Samsung on recreating that Oscars selfie and not ambushing the World Cup

Ines van Gennip, Samsung UK and Ireland marketing director, says the brand is looking into ways of replicating Ellen DeGeneres'

E-Lites: product placement in Lily Allen's new music video

E-Lites secures product placement 'first' in Lily Allen's 'Hard Out Here' video

E-Lites, the e-cigarette brand, has partnered with Lily Allen for a product placement deal in her controversial 'Hard Out Here'

Lancia ad: latest technology allows for digital product placement

Digital technology to bring virtual product placement

Product placement is being taken to a whole new level as emerging technologies developed by Bitmama and Mirriad allow brands

Arif Durrani: head of media, Campaign

Product placement on UK TV is not so much a damp squib, more a non-starter

Blink and you might have missed it, which in many ways is rather apt, but last week marked two years

David Charlesworth and Rupert Britton

Expert views on an underwhelming two years of product placement in the UK

Two years after the introduction of product placement to the UK, it has failed to transform the TV industry. Here

Nokia: used Hollyoaks product placement

Channel 4 poll 'proves effectiveness' of product-placement activity

Nokia, Yeo Valley and Uncle Ben's are among several brands that claim to have improved perceptions through TV product placement,

Bond and beyond: getting into bed with movie-makers is a risky play for brands

Unique is perhaps the best way to describe the Bond film franchise. As a UK-based series of productions, none can

Bond: weird tie ups

The top 10 weird Bond tie-ups that time forgot

With so many brands cashing in on Skyfall's release on 24 October, we handpicked our favourite wonky Bond tie-ups of