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AR allows consumers to blend the real and virtual worlds (Creative Commons: Tom)

'Augmented reality' tops Bing's most-searched buzzwords in 2015

Microsoft search engine Bing has announced the phrase 'Augmented reality' (AR) was the most-searched for marketing industry buzzword of 2015.

Temperature-triggered Corsa ads react in real time

Vauxhall has rolled out a temperature sensitive outdoor campaign that triggers dynamic creative based on real-time data to promote its

Failed at real-time marketing? Try right-time instead

If you've failed in real-time marketing, then that's great, as it means that you've tried it out, says Anne-Marie Kline,

We need to effect behaviour change

Many briefs have an ambition to effect behaviour change, whether explicitly or implicitly. A brief that seeks to drive loyalty,

James Hilton: co-founder and chief creative officer of AKQA

Inappropriate real time activity akin to flashers outside schools, says AKQA creative

Brands risk looking like they are "wearing dirty coats and standing outside primary schools", when they get real time marketing

Digital display tags are being pioneered in the US

Real-time pricing: coming to a store near you

Personal shopping is on the brink of taking on a whole new meaning. The advancement of mobile technology and the

Online conversations: CMOs are not up to speed, says report

CMOs fail to cope with real-time brand conversations, says IBM

The majority of chief marketers admit they are not sufficiently aware of real-time conversations about their brands, according to an

Google Wave: no plans to continue development

Google admits failure with Wave as it ceases development

Google is calling time on Google Wave, the product that was meant to reinvent email, with no further development taking

Twitter: Tweets added to Bing and Google searches

Microsoft and Google add real-time Twitter search

LONDON - Microsoft and Google have both signed search deals with Twitter to make tweets appear in search results in