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Davies...“Successful storytelling is about providing a glue that resonates with people and bonds them together”

We're all still cavemen at heart

While the way we tell stories has changed, the reason for doing so - to bring people together - is

Devon...“We must work out how we can tell the full story even if people are arriving at chapters in a non-consecutive order”

If Tarantino told brand stories

Just as Pulp Fiction leapt out of sequence, the once linear purchase journey now has many possible beginnings, data-driven middles

Kershaw...“You have to be a master of everything, from creative, culture and influencer management to media and distribution”

The full stack of story-making

Production houses, PR consultancies, ad agencies... they all want ownership of the content marketing space. But only those delivering the

Larman...“We give challenging ideas more cultural value than those that just confirm what we already know”

Our winter of dis-content

The content we produce has to be more provocative and culturally relevant than another avocado recipe if we really want

Douglas...“Producers weigh consideration of brand participation as judiciously as casting an actor”

In this town, it's who you know

The migration of Hollywood blockbusters from the big screen to the smallest ones is giving more brands a chance to

Peat...“Search engines, social media channels and digital media platforms all serve consumers first. So must content”

Content: le grand unificateur

The beauty of content is its ability to aggregate all of the digital disciplines. But only those stories told with

The Art of Storytelling

We have gathered some of the best brains in the business to share their thoughts on the art of storytelling.

How brands can live happily ever after

Industry figures from different ends of the marketing spectrum came together to discuss how advertisers can woo an audience and

Creativity: Punchdrunk founder Felix Barrett says tech is too invasive

Lessons in creative storytelling from Punchdrunk's founder

"We are on the cusp of a new boom in storytelling," according to Felix Barrett, founder and artistic director of

Stories are crucial to a successful experience, says Thomson

Behaviour essay: Living memory... neuroscience and events

Why do some events resonate, while others are quickly forgotten? Create the right environment, says Amy Thomson, director of live