Media360 on-demand

Campaign’s flagship event, Media360 returned to celebrate the strength of our industry and discuss what the future might hold. With an audience consisting of CEOs, Founders, CMOs, Heads of Media and Creatives, the event took the pulse of our industry and debated how the British media landscape could shift in the months and years to come.

The event took place on 18-19 May 2021

Here is a taster of some of the content delegates enjoyed...

Why ecommerce emarketing feat Thinkbox

In a world without physical availability, mental availability becomes paramount. Hear Matt Hill from Thinkbox discuss how virtual brands must look beyond online performance marketing to grow, and how TV is ecommerce’s shop window

Getting to grips with how data driven campaigns point to a new way to talk about travel feat Worldwide Partners

Hear Fletcher Whitwell from R&R Partners Las Vegas and Humphrey Ho from Hylink China as discuss the travel industry and how campaigns can harness data to maximise returns for clients in this industry. Both have strategically delivered for clients such as Las Vegas Tourism, San Francisco Travel Agency, International Gay and Lesbian Travel Society and Chinatown London amongst others.

Ready or not: The 3 must-ask strategy questions for the post-pandemic future feat Oracle Advertising

Learn the 3 strategy questions all marketing leaders should be asking today to prepare for the future and hear how one of the biggest CPG brands is leveraging data insights in a new case study with Ali Syed from Oracle Advertising.

How addressable TV can solve your business challenges feat Finecast

Hear from Robyn Christison of Finecast, Eve Thompson of Wavemaker and Sander Moeyaert of Perrigo to gain insights on the use cases and key business challenges that addressable TV can solve.

In our Media360 fireside chat, they demonstrated the journey of how they worked together to build out an advanced and innovative Addressable TV partnership for Perrigo, with a deep dive into their successful campaigns.

You can purchase your ticket to view all the Media360 content on-demand until 18 August 2021.

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