Highlights from the iconic Outdoor Plus portfolio…

Henlys Corner

A1 and A406, NW4 2LA

Henlys Corner is a landmark Out of Home site which has been transformed into two ultra-premium, architecturally designed digital screens for 2015. This is the only digital opportunity in this area. Henlys Corner is where the A1 meets the North Circular and is a renowned London traffic hotspot. The two elevated screens will run concurrently, offering advertisers double the impact and a fortnightly audience of over 2 million impacts (with a 60% ABC1 bias).

Cheyne Walk

Kensington, SW10 0NA

Located on London’s exclusive Cheyne Walk, this state of the art screen delivers head-on impact & absolute brand stand-out in a slow moving traffic hot spot. Core target audiences for this iconic screen include ABC1 business traffic travelling out of Central London, as well as the highly affluent Kensington & Chelsea residential audience. Cheyne Walk also targets travellers en route to Heathrow via the Cromwell Road and delivers just under 500,000 impacts per 2 weeks with a 33% AB profile.

Euston Underpass

Eastbound, NW1 2BU

Euston Underpass is the CEOs Choice for building brands and delivering fame.  This unique & solus location provides brands with the opportunity to target both Eastbound and Westbound traffic on two state of the art digital screens, delivering over 2 million impacts per fortnight with a 30% AB profile.

Vauxhall Cross Island

Bondway, SW8 1SJ

Vauxhall Cross is an absolute must-have London location for any premium advertiser. Two state of the art screens, architecturally designed provide brands with the ultimate landmark digital out of home location. Six major routes converge at Vauxhall Cross, taking people to the City, Westminster, Central London & Mayfair. It is one of the key traffic hotspots in London and has always been a prime OOH location. The two screens deliver just shy of 2 million impacts per 2 weeks with a 34% AB profile.


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