Campaign's Mobile Gaming Summit on-demand

Campaign’s Mobile Gaming Summit explored how brands can successfully incorporate mobile gaming into their marketing mix without turning gamers off. The online event connected game creators, publishers and brands to discuss the future of this channel and explore some of the truly exciting opportunities that advertising within mobile games can offer.

The event took place on 21st September 2021

Here is a taster of some of the content delegates enjoyed...

How programmatic can help your brand to sift through the mobile gaming environment and connect with players at the perfect time

MoPub discussed whether programmatic advertising can work in a mobile gaming framework, why tapping into this technology is the best way for brands to access mobile gamers at scale, and why in-game data offers advertisers key insights unmatched on other more traditional channels.

How regulation and AppStore changes are affecting Ads in Games

Hear Oscar Clark, Chief Strategy Officer at Fundamentally Games, discuss how changes in the AppStore affect in game advertising and explore what this means for app publishers and advertisers.

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