10:00 Chair’s opening remarks

Simon Gwynn, Technology and Gaming Editor, Campaign

Opening keynote panel: How can advertisers best navigate the mobile gaming universe?

  • Getting to grips with the stats on mobile gamers
  • Why mobile games are so effective at driving in-game purchases and how opt-in only ads may change this
  • How best to connect with this diverse, highly engaged audience

Simon Gwynn, Technology and Gaming Editor, Campaign
Dave Bradley, COO, Pocket Gamer
Christian Facey, Founder and CEO, AudioMob
Visar Statovci, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Waste Creative
Iona Hreninciuc, CEO, GameAnalytics

10:45 Session Break

10:55 What does esports mean for mobile games?
  • The opportunity around mobile gaming and esports
  • Some examples of brand and publisher integrations we have done in the past
  • Add colour to the above point to address how to engage authentically

Oliver Maxfield, Director of Product Management and Game Manager for mobile, ESL Gaming

11:20 Session Break

11:30 Gen Z and mobile games: why brands need to tap into mobile to access young audiences
  • A deep dive into what types of games most appeal to younger gaming audiences
  • Getting to grips with how mobile gaming should fit into your overall media strategy
  • Why mobile games are so effective at driving in-game purchases and how opt-in only ads may change this

Luke Garden, Senior Account Manager, Generation Media
Jonathan Chambers – Director of AV Investment, Generation Media

11:50 Session Break

12:00 Pocket Tactics presents the now and future of mobile gaming
  • Now - core vs casual, subscription gaming
  • Limitations - battery life, heating issues, controllers
  • Future - 5G, streaming, emergent tech, competition (Steam Deck/Switch)

Ruby Spears-Unwin, Deputy Editor, Pocket Tactics
Glen Fox, Editor, Pocket Tactics

12:15 Session Break

12:20 How regulation and AppStore changes are affecting Ads in Games
  • Understanding the recent changes that affect Ads in games including SKAdNetwork, ICO's Children's Code
  • What have the Mobile game and app publishers had to do and what that means for advertisers
  • Why creativity could be the key to finding alternative ways to learn about gaming audiences

Oscar Clark, Chief Strategy Officer, Fundamentally Games

12:40 Networking lunch

13:30 NFT's, digital art and fashion

  • How luxury brands are creating a new more accessible universe right at the consumer's fingertips
  • How the decentralisation of digital assets will open up a whole new world of possibilities for brands and advertisers
  • Why these assets are the key to tapping into the true spending power of millenials and Gen Z

Simon Gwynn, Technology and Gaming Editor, Campaign
Tony Pearce, CEO, Reality Games
Jason Velliquette, EVP Digital, R3

14:00 Session Break

14:10 Case Study: How ITV are moving into the Metaverse
  • Why collaboration and community is key when breaking into Metaverse and mobile spaces
  • Learn about ITV's plans to launch experiences in Fortnite Creative
  • What brands need to know about moving into the Metaverse

Rhys Hancock, Co-Founder, Metavision
Luke Price, Co-Founder, Metavision

14:25 Session break

14:30 Fnatic and Mobile esports - What did mobile esports change for a seventeen year old esports organisation like Fnatic?

Phil Kelly, Brand Creative Producer, Fnatic
Patrik Sattermon, Chief Gaming Officer, Fnatic

14:45 Session break

14:50 How programmatic can help your brand to sift through the mobile gaming environment and connect with players at the perfect time
  • Can programmatic advertising work in a mobile gaming framework?
  • Why tapping into this technology is the best way for brands to access mobile gamers at scale
  • Why in-game data offers advertisers key insights unmatched on other more traditional channels

John Egan, Head of Demand EMEA, MoPub, Twitter

15:10 Session break

15:20 Fireside chat: How mobile gaming pioneered the freemium model
  • Why free mobile games are surpassing their paid-for counterparts in both profitablity and reach
  • Why in game spend on free games is much higher than you think
  • How advertisers can best leverage free games to drive ecommerce purchases

Nina Mackie, Global Agency Partnerships Director, Admix
Natalia Pakhomova, Partnerships Manager, Admix
Caglar Bozkurt, Head of Marketing, Sir Studios

15:40 Session break

15:50 Closing panel discussion: Introducing London as a major hub for mobile gaming creators
  • Meet the key players in London taking the gaming world by storm
  • Why the industry is now moving towards structures that allow game creators to retain ownership and what this means for brand partnerships
  • How advertisers can support the industry and drive innovation

Simon Gwynn, Technology and Gaming Editor, Campaign
Louise Conolly-Smith, Head of Creative, London and Partners
Maria Sayans, CEO, ustwo games
George Osborne, Head of Communications, UKie
Antoine Jullemier, Head of Supply, Bidstack

16:30 Chair’s closing remarks

Simon Gwynn, Technology and Gaming Editor, Campaign