10:00 Chair’s opening remarks and Opening Keynote Panel: How can advertisers best navigate the mobile gaming universe?
  • Getting to grips with the stats on mobile gamers
  • Why mobile gamers are so effective at driving in-game purchases and how opt-in only ads may change this
  • How best to connnect with this diverse, highly engaged audience

Campaign Editorial Team
Dave Bradley, COO, Pocket Gamer
Christian Facey, Founder and CEO, Audio Mob

10:45 Session Break

10:55 What does esports mean for mobile games?
  • Why this niche part of the market is set to surpass pc and console games in the next decade
  • Examining the best way for brands to engage with mobile esports tournaments from sponsorship to promotions
  • Why authenticity is key to connnecting with esports audiences

11:20 Session Break

11:30 Exploring new ad formats for in game campaigns

11:50 Session Break

12:00 Navigating the regulations with placing native ads, what do advertisers need to know?
  • What the new IDFA regulations mean for the future of in-game ads and what changes are moibile game and app publishers making to prepare for these?
  • A run down of the different opt-in rates across game genres
  • Why creativity could be the key to finding alternative ways to learn about gaming audiences

12:20 Networking Lunch

13:30 NFT's, digital art and fashion

  • How luxury brands are creating a new more accessible universe right at the consumer's fingertips
  • How the decentralisation of digital assets will open up a whole new world of possibilities for brands and advertisers
  • Why these assets are the key to tapping into the true spending power of millenials and Gen Z

13:50 Session Break

14:00 Case Study: How some of the leading brands have made the move into mobile gaming, from working with creators to building their own games from scratch

14:40 Session break

14:50 How programmatic can help your brand to sift through mobile gaming data and connect with players at the perfect time
  • Can programmatic advertising work in a mobile gaming framework?
  • Why tapping into this technology is the best way for brands to access mobile gamers at scale
  • Why in-game data offers advertisers key insights unmatched on other more traditional channels

15:10 Session break

15:20 Fireside chat: How mobile gaming pioneered the freemium model
  • Why free mobile games are surpassing their paid-for counterparts in both profitablity and reach
  • Why in game spend on free games is much higher than you think
  • How advertisers can best leverage free games to drive ecommerce purchases

Nina Mackie, global agency partnerships director, Admix

15:40 Session break

15:50 Closing panel discussion: Introducing London as a major hub for mobile gaming creators
  • Meet the key players in London taking the gaming world by storm
  • Why the industry is now moving towards structures that allow game creators to retain ownership and what this means for brand partnerships
  • How advertisers can support the industry and drive innovation

Louise Conolly-Smith, head of creative, London and Partners

16:30 Chair’s closing remarks