Often viewed as one of the most important and traditional platforms in the media world, Out of Home can offer advertisers one of the most cost-effective ways to reach mass target audiences with clear and impactful campaigns. However, in light of the recent global upheaval, where, for a period consumers were driven inside their homes and the Out of Home world was hard hit; many advertisers choosing to shift their focus onto other platforms such as mobile and TV. In spite of this, the past few months have seen real innovation in the world of outdoor. A changing economic situation leading to increased availability, alongside the inherent flexibility of the medium has allowed new and returning players to engage with it in new and interesting ways.

The inaugural Campaign Outdoor Media Summit gathered media owners, advertising agencies, creatives and brands to assess and discuss where outdoor currently is, and what the future of the medium looks like. Delegates will get the chance to hear from some of the creative minds behind this year’s award winning campaigns as well as some of the UK’s biggest brands as they discuss how they have navigated this period and where they see outdoor media campaigns fitting within their overall strategy for 2021 and beyond.

You can still purchase a ticket to view all of the sessions from the 1 December.

Why buy on-demand access?

  • Hear from some of the UK’s biggest brands who discussed how outdoor will fit into their business strategy for 2021 and beyond
  • Examine the new sustainable and innovative formats that will shape the future of out of home campaigns
  • Discover why investing in outdoor media is one of the best ways to impact local communities
  • Learn about why advertisers must have a fundamental rethink about thier role on the high street

Key themes

  • Why advertisers must have a fundamental rethink around their role on the high street
  • Taking a cold hard look at the aftermath of lockdown and what it has meant for the Outdoor Media space
  • Getting more bang for your buck: using simple tools to measure the true value of your Outdoor campaigns
  • How young creatives and designers see the role of outdoor evolving
  • What brands can do to support and foster new ideas and approaches to OOH campaigns

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