9.50 Chair’s opening remarks

Omar Oakes, Media and Technology Editor, Campaign

10:00 How does performance marketing fit within the wider marketing mix?

CMO fireside chat interview

  • Coordinate campaigns across marketing channels successfully to boost your impact
  • Manage board-level expectations about performance marketing for an integrated approach
  • In-house priority areas across the business and use data effectively to optimise your reach

Kristof Fahy, CMO, Moonpig
Omar Oakes, Media and Technology Editor, Campaign

10:35 Session break

10:50 The long and short of how to synchronise brand building and performance marketing

Panel discussion

  • How do you strike the right balance between brand and performance spend?
  • Is the 60/40 ‘rule’ still relevant in today’s performance marketing world?
  • Does a lack of brand building erode your performance strategy?
  • How does social media marketing fit into the performance vs brand ‘dichotomy’?

Sam Taylor, Head of Group Commercial/Performance Marketing, Direct Line
Maria Koutsoudakis, Brand and Marketing Director, Vodafone UK
Fabio Ruffet, Global Brand Director, BACARDÍ Rums Europe
Athar Abidi, Head of Social Media, British Heart Foundation
Chair: Jim Lewcock, Founder Blue14

11:40 Evolving from performance marketing to customer experience management

Case study presentation

  • Delivering the total customer experience across all consumer touch points
  • Moving from data-driven personalisation to connected personal experiences
  • Supporting the CMO to create an adaptive organisation

Azlan Raj, Chief Marketing Officer, Merkle

12:00 Networking Lunch

13:00 The data deluge: do we really need it all?

Fireside Chat

We’ve been building marketing for a world of ever increasing data, but need to rethink our approach for a world in which we might actually be seeing less data freely available. Marketers must understand what data is really necessary & adding value, and learn when to say no. The Conscious Advertising Network team will also reflect on the importance of informed consent and data ethics, in the face of evolving consumer & regulatory opinions. Join this session to understand how to use data to be relevant to more people, and not visible to fewer.

Jerry Daykin, Senior Media Director, GSK
Chair: Harriet Kingaby, Co-Founder, Conscious Advertising Network

13:30 Session Break

13:45 Preparing for a cookie-less future

Fireside chat interview

  • What does it mean for Digital Media?
  • What should agencies be doing?
  • What should Brands be thinking about?

Asher Gordon, Head of Paid Media, Tug Agency
Vivienne Mackinnon, Head of Marketing, Zipcar

14:05 Session Break

14:15 Maximising creativity in performance marketing to gain a competitive edge

Panel discussion

  • The risks of automation and the lack of competitive advantage it offers
  • Successful creative campaigns in the performance marketing world
  • Using performance across channels creatively to stand out from the crowd and win consumers

Claire Stacey, Head of Marketing, Autoglass
Colin Buckingham, Head of Media, Birdseye
Emilie Mouquot, Customer and Growth Director,
Emil Bielski, Managing Director, Croud UK

14:50 Session Break

15:00 Scale vs engagement: generate revenue through performance strategies with real impact

Case study

  • Creating a genuine connection with your audience rather than mass audience presence
  • Forming success metrics to measure audience engagement in performance strategies
  • Implementing hyper-targeted data to create a reach a focussed and loyal audience base

Jane Maber, Head of Brand, Stroke Association
Kate Harvey, Head of Digital Marketing, Stroke Association

15:30 Session Break

15:45 Challenger brands: an original and agile approach to performance marketing growth

Closing keynote

  • Optimising your performance strategy in the face of tighter budgets across digital touchpoints
  • Testing, failing, and learning fast: taking an agile approach to your performance strategy
  • Implementing a cross-channel strategy across the marketing funnel to generate uplift in traffic across the board and boost revenue

Assean Sheikh, Co-Founder and CMO, Flavourly
Lucy Stamp, Executive Director, Digital & Growth, Beano

16:30 Chair’s closing remarks

Omar Oakes, Media and Technology Editor, Campaign

16:35 Close of Conference

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