Thanks for attending the Campaign & PRWeek Purpose Summit 2022

Building a brand your customers believe in with purpose-driven PR and marketing

It is clear that as a consequence of rising consumer expectations and social consciousness, purpose-driven marketing and PR has become a key component of most effective campaigns. It is also clear that it is not enough to simply have purpose - communicating it in a way that expresses authenticity, transparency and genuine action are essential.

In a rapidly changing world with numerous emerging challenges and social issues driving increased scrutiny, consumers are looking to brands for their contribution, and are unafraid to voice their opinions on what they find.

So what can you do to ensure your purpose marketing and PR stands up to the expectations of today, whilst standing out and staying true to your core brand values? And how can you ensure your purpose truly aligns with your brand and your actions?

2022 Key themes:

  • Creating purpose-driven campaigns that are truly emblematic of what your brand represents and strives for
  • Building confidence in sharing your purpose, and sharing your entire purpose journey with your consumers
  • Steering clear of green-washing, virtue-signalling and performative marketing- demonstrating transparency and honesty in your purpose commitments
  • Developing effective partnerships and frameworks to build your knowledge and authenticity and transform your purpose messaging

2022 Highlights:

  • Learn from other brands and speakers through case study presentations to gain clarity on the different aspects of purpose that can be tricky to navigate; such as ensuring your purpose commitments make sense and align with your brand
  • Build confidence about your purpose campaigns with actionable takeaways
  • Network with senior marketing and PR professionals from a variety of brands to build links and open discussions
  • Create purposeful messaging at all levels by ensuring your employees and stakeholders become your purpose storytellers
  • Strategise for the future - learn what the future for purpose might look like, and how to deal with forthcoming challenges


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Purpose Awards EMEA

The Purpose Awards EMEA are back for their fourth year, providing you with the opportunity to showcase the outstanding work you’ve been doing over the last 12 months.

With the rise of cause marketing and social purpose showing no signs of slowing, winning a Purpose Award is a perfect way to demonstrate your organisation's ability to excel in this crucial area.

Supported by industry leading brands PRWeek, Campaign and Third Sector, the Awards recognise campaigns that use creative ideas successfully to further positive causes, and also acknowledge the organisations behind them.