08:30 - Registration

09:35 - Chair’s opening remarks

Matt Barker, Features Editor Campaign

09:45 - PANEL DISCUSSION - Integrating Radio and Audio effectively into the rest of your media mix to maximise your advertising
  • The importance of radio and audio as a channel on its own - how to reap the benefits and use radio and audio as a core pillar of your advertising
  • Why radio and audio should be more than an add-on - placing priority on your radio and audio campaigns in media planning
  • Beyond integration - how radio and audio can power your campaigns across other channels
  • The benefits of a multi-channel strategy in advertising

Richard Mashiter, UK Media & Content Director, Mars
Vicky Handley, Brand Communications and Media Lead, Lloyds Banking Group
Rich Smith, Commercial Group Strategist, Global
Moderator: Matt Barker, Features Editor, Campaign

10:30 - PANEL DISCUSSION - The future of audio is hear

The audio sector is going through a digital revolution. This session will hear from advertising experts on how current and future innovation is changing the way advertisers can and should use radio. Exploring the digital ecosystem in audio advertising, with thoughts, tips and advice from across the ad industry.

Jenna Voyce, Group Business Director, Bauer Media
Sam Austin, Head of Audio, Goodstuff
Al Young, Chief Creative Officer, St Luke’s
Moderator: Lucie Cave, Chief Creative Officer, Bauer Media

10:55 - Networking Break

11:25 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Liberate your media plan: The joy of revenue-driving creativity with brand partnerships in audio

Brand partnerships in audio are the unsung heroes of advertisers’ media plans. You may think it’s just a rubber stamp atop the show – or, at most, a participation medal for entry-level creativity. The reality is, brand partnerships deliver a multichannel campaign that stretches your media pounds, unlocks an untapped revenue stream, and presents an exciting creative challenge for advertisers.   

Join Global’s audio experts and on-air talent for a panel that celebrates the joy of audio partnerships. We dive into Barclaycard’s partnership with Capital: A delight for our radio presenters, a commercial success for our client, and an exciting creative challenge for the Global team.  

It takes a deep understanding of what an audio partnership can do, a brand that thinks outside the box, and the extraordinary creative ability to make anything happen.  

Discover how their successful partnership runs through everywhere that audio touches – including social media, digital audio, outdoor and experiential moments – to create an always-on partnership that stretches media spend further than you’d think.  

Rediscover the joy of partnerships, pushing the boundary with what you can do in audio. 

Mickelle Roberts, Brand Experience Director, Global
Dan Mathieson, Head of Experiential Marketing & Partnerships, Barclays
Roman Kemp, Presenter, Capital Breakfast Show
Siân Welby, Presenter, Capital Breakfast Show
Chris Stark, Presenter, Capital Breakfast Show
Moderator: Katie Bowden, Director of Commercial, Audio, Global

11:50 - FIRESIDE CHAT: Unleashing the power and potential of Podcast advertising
  • How can podcast advertisers help their creative standout?
  • If a brand wants to get started with podcast advertising what are the first steps they should take?

Sarah Ray, Head of Podcast Sales, Global
Moderator: Adam Shepherd, Editor, PodPod

12:20 - FIRESIDE CHAT - Curating branded podcasts - galvanise your advertising and listener attention
  • Creating a branded podcast to increase your brand consideration in a thriving space
  • Getting the balance right: creating the rich, relevant and repeatable formats to tell your brand’s story
  • Measuring success: what makes an effective branded podcast?

Michaela Hallam, Director of Content, Fresh Air Production
Greg Armfield, Senior Producer, WWF
Moderator: Adam Shepherd, Editor, PodPod

12:45 - Networking Lunch Break

13:40 - PRESENTATION SESSION: Generation Audio: why commercial audio is growing and how advertisers can benefit
  • Setting the scene: why audio advertising opportunity is bigger than ever
  • Choosing the right moment: the primacy of consumer context in audio listening behaviour
  • How need-states-led thinking can help hone audio planning practices to enhance advertising effects

Mark Barber, Planning Director, Radiocentre

14:05 - FIRESIDE CHAT: Curating impactful audio: HSBC and how radio makes a difference to a memorable campaign
  • Showcasing success: how the campaign has made a difference, and the core lessons from the process
  • Navigating the creative process: how radio and audio advertising was incorporated into the brand campaigns successfully
  • The importance of getting your audio campaign right: how has using audio in clever ways elevated your brand and campaign to new heights?

Sarah Mayall, Head of Brand Marketing, HSBC
Mike Watson, Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson
Moderator: Matt Barker, Features Editor, Campaign

14:30 - Networking Break

15:00 - CASE STUDY PRESENTATION: “Alexa, Open Pizza Hut”: Advancing your consumer engagement with actionable audio advertising
  • Smart speakers and digital: an overview of the landscape, and shining a light on the new opportunities for engagement and attribution
  • A deep dive: how Pizza Hut offers radio listeners discounts through smart speaker ads - what are the learnings, insights and future plans?
  • Planning for the future: what are the next applications smart speakers hold for brands?

Charlie Cadbury, CEO, Say it Now
Nicola Keane, Head of Digital Marketing UK & Europe, Pizza Hut

15:25 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Anticipating the future of Radio and Audio: what future developments are coming?
  • Meeting the changing demands: how are you anticipating changing listening habits of consumers?
  • Adaptive radio and podcasting: the future of personalisation for radio and audio advertising
  • The role of technology: how is radio and audio advertising utilising new possibilities within technology to advance campaigns
  • How can radio and audio adapt to inflation across other media channels to drive growth in the sector?

Ryan Rummery, Commercial DAX Director, Global
Richard Mashiter, UK Media & Content Director, Mars
Rahmon Agbaje, Co-Founder, Loud Parade
Moderator: Matt Barker, Features Editor, Campaign

16:05 - Chair’s Closing Comments

Moderator: Matt Barker, Features Editor, Campaign

16:15 - Close of Conference

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