09:50 Chair’s opening remarks

10:00 Industry overview: Where does audio stand in the ‘new normal’?
  • What are the effects of lockdown and changing listening behaviours?
  • How has the reduced nationwide commuting time affected the industry?
  • How have changing listening habits affected the proportion of traditional and digital audio usage?

Lucy Barrett, Client Director, Radiocentre

10:20 Session Break

10:35 Audio as part of your wider media mix
  • Exploring how audio can support and amplify your advertising on other platforms
  • How can digital be used to support traditional audio rather than oppose?
  • Connecting your audio advertising to your social activity

Justine O’Neill, Director, Analytic Partners

11:00 Session Break

11:10 What does a data alliance sound like?

In this session, Global will share how TSB and The 7Stars worked with them to accelerate the media activation of its 1st party data pool, combined with attitudinal and behavioural insights from Global’s data to increase TSB product applications by 31%.

Katie Bowden, Director of Commercial Audio, Global
Pete Markey, Chief Marketing Officer, TSB Bank
Morgan Reavey, Head of Data, TSB Bank

11:35 Session Break

11:50 Case study: Short vs Long term- Exploring audio’s effectiveness in brand building
  • Examining how audio can be used as a brand building tool
  • Finding the balance between broad reach and targeting
  • Focusing on long term ROI over immediate results

Jonathan Watts, Head of Production, Adelphoi Music

12:30 Networking Lunch

13:30 Panel discussion: Creating a trusted voice throughout lockdown
  • Exploring audio’s resilience over the lockdown period
  • Examining the role audio played in delivering sensitive and personal messaging
  • What are the long term effects of the changed perceptions of radio?

Jo McCrostie, Creative Director, Global
Sam Austin, Group Audio Director, Goodstuff Communications
Tom Coare, Head of Audio, OMD UK
Sascha Darroch-Davies, Agency Partners Director, DLMDD

14:10 Session Break

14:25 Case study: What is the Role of Voice Assistants in Audio Advertising?
  • Exploring the largest ever radio advertising campaign, targeted to listeners on Smart Speakers
  • How simple voice commands were used to drive donations for NSPCC, Comic Relief, WWF & more.
  • Say It Now will share details about how these 'Actionable Audio Ad' campaigns can deliver end to end campaign attribution, look at benchmarks and case-studies outside the charity sector.

Charlie Cadbury, Chief Executive Officer, Say It Now

14:50 Session Break

15:00 Why podcasts should be at the heart of your branded content strategy right now

In 2020, Acast - the worlds biggest podcast company - has developed, hosted and distributed more branded podcasts than anyone else in the UK. Find out how brands are leaning into podcasts to have their story heard:

  • Understand the numbers behind the explosive growth of branded podcasts
  • Discover the unmatched engagement and new creative frontiers that branded content offers in podcasting
  • Hear about industry-leading examples of branded podcasts from market leading brands

Jack Preston, UK Director, Acast Creative
Dani Murphy, Strategy Director, Havas

15:45 Session Break

16:00 Panel discussion- The future of audio: Are we moving towards a screenless society?

With the rise of voice activated devices, what are the opportunities for advertisers?

  • How can the industry prepare for this and how should it be innovating?
  • What can brands do to support and foster new ideas and approaches to audio advertising?
  • Creating a connection with the listener through strong messaging

Mark Freeman, Creative Director & Co-Founder, Movement
Sunny Bonnell & Ashleigh Hansberger, Co-founders, Motto
Faye McDowall, Head of DAX Strategy, Global
Moderator: Anna Williamson, Broadcaster, Auth

16:40 Chair’s closing remarks

16:45 Close of conference

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