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Campaign to publish 2020 School Reports

April issue is out on Thursday at 7am.

Sadoun: Accenture 'doesn't understand marketing enough' to do acquisition like Epsilon

Publicis Groupe was best partner from strategy point of view, despite not being the most compelling on price, chairman and

Publicis Groupe expands flexible working to entire UK workforce

New approach will apply to more than 5,000 staff...

Here's how Publicis Groupe's AI-powered solution Marcel will look and work

Publicis Groupe has unveiled its much-anticipated AI-powered platform Marcel at its VivaTech event this morning in Paris.

Publicis Groupe gives Steve King responsibility for entire UK business

Publicis Groupe is introducing a new regional structure that will give executives responsibility across all of its disciplines and has

Swiping for instant gratification: human connection in the 21st century

A familiar formula has emerged among dating apps that is creeping into other areas of our lives, Spark Foundry

Spark Foundry turns to Antoniades to drive global growth

Spark Foundry, the recently renamed media agency previously known as Mediavest Spark, has appointed Publicis Groupe veteran John Antoniades to

Arthur Sadoun: chief executive, Publicis Groupe

Sadoun warns of Publicis Groupe's cultural challenge on first day as CEO

Publicis Groupe's biggest challenge is "cultural", Arthur Sadoun warned in a video address to the company on his first day

More than a third of Brits think robots will rule everything by 2030

More than one in three (36%) out of 2,000 Brits surveyed are convinced robots will be running our lives by


Campaign's School Reports are the definitive assessment of how advertising and media agencies performed last year.