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The Russian invasion has forced companies to shut Ukraine operations (Getty Images)

Brands and agencies on alert to support staff in Ukraine

Companies offer financial support and close offices.

BBH: shirts will be available to 100 Burger King customers

Burger King launches tasty, garnish-printed shirt with new work by BBH

The garment is designed to hide any spillages from eating the chain’s messy burgers.

Cannes Lions: See all the Grand Prix winners

Burger King: ad shows restaurant-goer spreading fake news

Burger King lampoons conspiracy theorists in new TV and OOH campaign

Ad based on actual burger-related conspiracies.

Fast-food companies look to serve up more digital sales

Most major companies reported decline in revenue last year.

KFC Gaming tells Burger King to delete ‘women belong in the kitchen’ tweet

Burger King’s top marketer says its meaning was lost in translation but it is ‘learning for the next time'.

The Covid era calls for brands to embrace human-centric visual identities

Recent brand redesigns from the likes of Burger King and Pfizer reflect a shift brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Burger King: chain will be promoting signature dishes from other restaurants

Burger King promotes independent competitors as Covid-19 restrictions tighten

Brand claims ‘there’s more to life than the Whopper’.

Burger King encourages consumers to order from arch rival McDonald's

The burger chain is showing support to the entire food-service industry, even its Golden Arch-rival, as France and England enter

Mouldy Whopper: ad saw burger left for 34 days

Burger King CMO on how to go ‘from zero to Mouldy Whopper’

Fernando Machado discussed creativity at the EffWorks Global 2020 Conference.