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Cancer Research UK's Race for Life: returns this autumn

Cancer Research UK appoints sole digital marketing agency

Charity's Race for Life returns this autumn after 2020 hiatus.

Cancer Research UK cancels all 2020 Race for Life events

Charity is urging supporters to take part in Race for Life at Home instead.

Hot in 2019: Top 9 outdoor ads

From a job ad to Aunt Pol to cigarette packs

Bravery needs a rebrand

Bravery isn't recklessness. It isn't fleeting or opportunistic. Bravery is not a tactic or strategy. It's a long-term, baked-in attitude.

Cancer Research UK named Brave Brand of the Year

Charity received plaudits for obesity campaign...

Cancer Research faces 'fat-shaming' backlash over obesity campaign

Charity has again been accused of 'fat-shaming' with latest ads.

Cancer Research UK links obesity to cancer with ads resembling cigarette packs

Campaign accused of 'fat-shaming' returns...

Commercial TV and internet use linked to childhood obesity, study finds

A major study from Cancer Research UK has found that children who spend more time online and watching commercial TV

Danny Dyer: one of the celebrities fronting Stand Up To Cancer campaign

Danny Dyer, Stephen Fry and Olivia Colman front Stand Up To Cancer VR campaign

As part of the campaign, WHSmith will sell VR headsets compatible with mobile phones.

Stand Up To Cancer unites gamers on a new battleground in fight for research

Activity by Anomaly features characters from well-known games.