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An image of an eye looking at a social media feed. Photo: Getty Images

Shorter ads deliver better attention on social media

Study has shown that ads on Twitter delivered the most total attention, while TikTok had the strongest active attention.

Dara Nasr in front of a wall full of tweets

Twitter’s Dara Nasr: ‘Authenticity and dialogue are two important trends in advertising’

Twitter has researched online conversations that show what brands should be mindful of.

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Ads on CTV more attention-grabbing than on linear TV and social video

Study shows 65% of UK’s connected TV viewers willing to watch ads in return for free SVOD.


Will Elon Musk's ownership of Twitter be good for advertisers?

Campaign asks adland what the purchase could mean for the platform and its advertisers.

A colour photo of DCM's Karen Stacey and Twitter's David Wilding

The joy of the Media Business Course: an antidote to our industry’s talent crisis

The co-chairs of the MBC explain the unique importance of the ad industry’s annual media leadership course for rising

BeReal application screen grabs

Waving the flag for ‘anti-social brands’ – will BeReal be the answer to authentic social?

BeReal is overtaking Instagram and TikTok with its ‘unfiltered’ version of social media.

The logos of the ASA, Meta, Google, Amazon, TikTok and Twitter

Facebook, Google, Twitter and TikTok sign up for pilot to help ASA enforce online ad rules

ASA hopes initiative will show to what extent digital giants uphold (or don't) online ad standards.

Chicago: Oscar winning film director Matthew A. Cherry

Twitter resurrects tweets from stars that brought their dreams to life

Twitter says: 'If you can dream it, tweet it.'

A silhouette of a tablet device and a finger tapping an enlarged Twitter logo lit in bright blue and white

Twitter UK reveals its most creative brand campaigns of 2021

McDonald's, ITV, Aldi, Cadbury and Netflix among those that tapped into the creative power of Twitter in 2021.

How Twitter is approaching – and improving – brand safety for everyone

A new approach to brand safety on its platform is giving brands and people both control and confidence in Twitter