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Photo of a thumb pressing an Audible app image (Getty Images)

Amazon's Audible consolidates £378m global media account

Global review consolidated media in 10 markets to single agency.

Image of Rana Reeves

50 years of Pride: What UK brands need to know about the past to show up in the present

With the 50th anniversary of Pride coming up, brands need to go a step further than just donning the rainbow

Image of Andy Nairn

Struggling to click on all the traffic lights in a photo? Don't worry, you're only human

It's time for online authentication to stop being so robotic.

Nick Lawson

EssenceMediacom CEO Nick Lawson unveils new global leadership team

Josh Krichefski and Tim Irwin handed key roles.

Finton talks about football and respect in a Nationwide spot

Media spotlight: Nationwide tackles racism in football following Euros final

In the latest instalment of the series, Wavemaker talks about its partnership with Nationwide to tackle racism head-on following the

Malibu horse made of coconuts

Should creatives consider phobias when creating ads?

While there are many phobias and those with them won't all react in the same way, it's worth taking them

Image of James Masters

Toe-dipping is not enough: the non-sponsor’s guide to Women’s Euro 2022

It's not too late for brands to get involved in this summer's tournament.

An image of John Brown

Creatives need to have the guts to sell less

Shifts in consumer behaviour have seen many buying less as they look to do their bit for sustainability. As an

Image of Jo Arden

Moral authority?

As creatives and problem solvers, we can help clients and the wider industry find their true moral compass.

Image of Sara Tate and Anna Vogt

Seven ways to focus on the now

In this extract from The Rebuilders, its authors, Sara Tate and Anna Vogt, discuss the importance of 'working with the