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R/GA chiefs on getting its mojo back

The global digital agency has spent the past couple of years restructuring and resetting and now insists that it’s got

Nike commits to the metaverse with virtual footwear acquisition

Digital collectibles creators RTFKT valued at $33.3m earlier this year.

Bored Apes

What exactly can 10,000 photos of Bored Apes teach marketers about membership?

Scarcity is part of what makes NFTs valuable – but value is also built in because the act of buying

Hendrick's Gin: four NFT's have been created

Hendrick’s Gin hosts NFT art exhibition at Saatchi Gallery

The show uses holographic technology to bring digital art into the physical space.

Dept creates limited edition AR puffer jacket in Snapchat to demonstrate NFTs

The initiative uses NFTs and Snapchat body-tracking to showcase the value of digital ownership and virtual goods.

Agency pins hopes on bullish crypto market as it starts accepting Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency's recovery sparks revival of payment trend.

The scale of virtual events is exciting – here's how they can create exclusivity too

The use of non-fungible tokens – unique digital souvenirs that sit on the blockchain – offers a way to create

Unilever encouraged by blockchain ad-buying pilot

FMCG giant wants to develop blockchain as solution for wider digital supply chain.

PepsiCo: 'It's not about in-housing. It's about upskilling'

Company claims it has a 'marketing team that is suited for the digital age'.

Fenestra's blockchain media revolution certifies first DSP in Europe

Avocet uses machine-learning in its planning analysis and calls itself an 'innovation DSP'.