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Tiffany Xingyu Wang, president and co-founder at Oasis

Tech company leaders form a consortium for brand safety in the metaverse

The Oasis Consortium aims to achieve online safety and ethical branding for users and advertisers.

Digitas UK hires CXO to take its skillset to a 'whole new level'

Appointment of a chief experience officer completes Digitas UK's management line-up.

Four ways to play in the branded gaming ecosystem

With two consoles released this week, can gaming fill the void left by IRL experiences during the second lockdown?

Collapsing the purchasing funnel, one click at a time

No technology has taken social media by storm the way AR has in the past four months.

Snapchat launches ecommerce offering Dynamic Product Ads in UK

Ecommerce battleground intensifies as platform aims to give brands better way of getting products in front of young user base.

Start embracing new ad formats, because ecommerce is old news

Consumers want the sales funnel to become frictionless. And that's a problem for brands.

Digitas UK launches consulting arm for experience transformation

The service aims to sharpen its focus on experience transformation and address state of 'brand disconnection'.

Google's cookie crackdown: are marketers ready to give up ad trackers?

A cookie-less world awaits...

Smash this one barrier to make your best work in 2019

When it comes to tech in creativity, agencies too often separate the 'what' from the 'how'. How can we break

Brands must adapt as tech reshapes sports for fans

There are new ways of consuming sport and the notion of fandom is being challenged by new tech. What should