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KFC "Wrap switch" by Mother

Mother for KFC

KFC encourages chicken lovers to switch their wrap provider.

KFC "First bite" by Mother

Mother for KFC

KFC delivers buckets of anticipation in its latest campaign by Mother.

KFC "Love you too" by Mother

Mother London for KFC

Fourteen months after pausing its "Finger lickin'" campaign, KFC revived its tagline for a campaign celebrating chicken fans across the

KFC "#UntilWeCanFingerLickAgain" (Mother London)

KFC UK & Ireland has engaged in a light-hearted Twitter burst, borrowing other brands' taglines to highlight the fact its

Pizza Hut "KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza" by Iris

Iris for KFC

Pizza Hut brand ambassador Parker J Patterson embraces the surreal to promote KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza, which is apparently "so

Walkers & KFC "It makes sense" (in-house)

Walkers frontman Gary Lineker makes an appearance as KFC mascot Colonel Sanders in a campaign promoting the snack brand's KFC-flavoured

KFC "We'll take it from here" by Mother

Mother for KFC

KFC marks the reopening of its UK stores with a tongue-in-cheek ad spotlighting fans' homemade attempts at fried chicken.

KFC "KFC clash" by Mother London

Mother London for KFC

KFC is pitting celebrities against each other in a culinary competition to raise money for Comic Relief.

KFC "Fingerlickin' good" by Mother

Mother for KFC

KFC reminds consumers of the gastronomic delights of finger lickin' with an ad showing people from all walks of life

KFC "The Colonel Santa" by Circus Grey

Grey for KFC

KFC makes some daring claims about Father Christmas in the brand's latest spot.