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A collection of the best Spotify creative work, such as advertising, marketing campaigns and videos.

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Spotify "2021 wrapped" (in-house)

December 02, 2021

Music-streaming service Spotify has launched its annual global "Wrapped" campaign, spanning OOH activations, in-app experiences and fan films.

Spotify "Find your feels" by Acne London

September 22, 2021

Spotify is launching a digital influencer campaign by Acne London encouraging Gen Z to express themselves through their music choices.

Spotify "Notting Hill Carnival 2021" (in-house)

August 27, 2021

Spotify has unveiled a virtual curation of the Notting Hill Carnival in a campaign created in-house.

Spotify "Only you" (in-house)

June 03, 2021

Spotify has launched a data-focused campaign celebrating the uniqueness of its 356 million users.

Spotify "Wrapped 2020" (in-house)

December 03, 2020

Spotify's annual "Wrapped" campaign is a story of resilience and gratitude, celebrating people including artists, podcast creators, listeners, frontline workers

Spotify "Listening together" (in-house)

May 07, 2020

Spotify's data-driven campaign celebrates the power of audio to bring people together even during isolation.

Spotify "Wrapped 2019" (in-house)

December 05, 2019

Spotify's "Wrapped" campaign, celebrating the cultural moments, memes and listening trends from the past year, has become a seasonal tradition.

Spotify "It's our time" by Digitas UK

December 02, 2019 Digitas for Spotify

Spotify launched a call to arms encouraging listeners to register to vote ahead of the general election on 12 December.

Spotify "Listen like you used to" by Who Wot Why

September 18, 2019

Did you used to party to UB40 in the 1980s but now just drink red, red wine on your sofa?

Spotify "Singalong" by Spotify

May 07, 2019

The streaming brand's global campaign aims to showcase the surprising ways in which music can elevate life's mundane moments.