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Polestar "Silent in a loud world" by Acne

Swedish electric car brand Polestar is keen to keep the peace with an understated spot.

Anyfin "Loan shark zones" by Acne

Fintech startup Anyfin takes name-based puns to the next level with a series of signs.

Telenor "The world has changed. Have you?" by Acne

Swedish telecommunications company Telenor's latest spot is defending the digital world.

Ikea "This charges everything" by Acne and Ikea Creative Hub

Acne for Ikea

Ikea's tribute to Apple jumps on hype surrounding the iPhone 8's release.

Ikea "The blue bag" by Acne & Ikea Creative Hub

Acne for Ikea

Ikea's blue bag has been made into dog ponchos, used as a fashion accessory and for exercising - and now

Ikea "Let's relax" by Acne

Acne for Ikea

Ikea's work addresses people's obsession with publishing pictures of food on Instagram and imagines how a similar situation could occur