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Rightmove "One day could be today" by Fold7

Fold7 for Rightmove

Scarecrows have dreams to be more than something to protect crops.

Carex "Life's a handful" by Fold7

Fold7 for PZ Cussons

PZ Cussons' hand hygiene brand Carex is launching a campaign created by Fold7.

CoppaFeel! "Know yourself" by Fold7

Fold7 for Coppafeel

Breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! has launched a multichannel campaign by Fold7.

Audible UK "Have you heard? The difference is Audible" by Fold7

Online audiobook and podcast service Audible has launched a UK campaign by Fold7.

Rightmove "The renter" by Fold7

Fold7 for Rightmove

Rightmove is launching a campaign promoting the advantages of renting.

Rightmove "This is it" by Fold7

Fold7 for Rightmove

Rightmove encapsulates the joy of finding a new home in the latest instalment of its "Find your happy" campaign.

Audible "Fly Audible" by Fold7

Audible takes a trip across fictional planes to promote the joy of listening to books.

Carlsberg "Welcome back to the pub" by Fold7

Fold7 for Carlsberg

As people prepare to return to their beloved locals, Carlsberg marks the reopening of pubs with a feel-good reunion story.

Gumtree "Thanks" by Fold7

Gumtree becomes the latest brand to thank people for practicing social distancing.

Gumtree "A car right up your street" by Fold7

Gumtree continues "The neighbourhood's good" campaign with a spot promoting the platform's private motors listings.