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A collection of the best Joint creative work, such as advertising, marketing campaigns and videos.

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Fox's "Satisfyingly long lasting" by Joint London

Fox's sweets is launching an integrated campaign by Joint London.

Amazon "Prime changes everything" by Joint

Joint for Amazon

Amazon Prime has launched a campaign that reimagines the stories of Rapunzel and Cleopatra.

Amazon "Family time" by Joint

Joint for Amazon

Amazon Web Services showcases the power of technology with a series of ads.

Uswitch "What you do after you switch is up to you" by Joint

Joint for uSwitch

Switching service Uswitch has launched a financially-savvy spot following a rebrand.

Vue "Get lost" by Joint

Vue enlists Star Wars actor John Boyega to highlight the power of big-screen entertainment.

Amazon "Coming home" by Joint

Joint for Amazon

Amazon promotes its latest product, The Echo Auto, with a sentimental spot.

Amazon Prime "Rock out" and "Best friends" by Joint

Joint for Amazon

Amazon's latest spots show off the perks of Prime membership.

Amazon "Morning ritual" by Joint

Joint for Amazon

Amazon shows how its virtual assistant Alexa can help people who are blind or partially sighted.

Amazon Alexa "Sharing is caring" by Joint

Joint for Amazon

A grumpy elderly man is transformed thanks to an enthusiastic carer in the latest spot for Amazon Alexa.

Amazon "Bedtime story" by Joint

Joint for Amazon

A piglet is a boy's best friend - is that how the saying goes?