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NHS "Live 1000 lives" by MullenLowe Group UK

MullenLowe for NHS

The NHS has launched a multichannel recruitment campaign by MullenLowe Group UK.

NHS "Hope" by MullenLowe

MullenLowe for NHS

The NHS' latest coronavirus campaign visits a vaccination centre./

Department of Health and Social Care "Let's keep going" by MullenLowe

Pandemic fatigue may be setting in, but the UK government is encouraging people to "keep going" and stay at home.

Knorr "Eativists" by MullenLowe

MullenLowe for Knorr

Unilever food brand Knorr is encouraging people to change the world by changing what's on their plates.

UK government "Look into my eyes" by MullenLowe

The UK government is calling on the public to think about the impact of their actions on healthcare staff and

NHS "Then, now, always" by MullenLowe Group UK

MullenLowe for NHS

The NHS has launched its biggest recruitment drive amid England's second coronavirus lockdown.

Dunelm "Home, we get it" by MullenLowe London

Dunelm has launched a brand campaign depicting the "universal truths of home".

Lynx "Smell ready" by MullenLowe London

MullenLowe for Lynx

Lynx looks forward to some semblance of normality as lockdown measures continue to be relaxed.

UK Government "Enjoy summer safely" by MullenLowe

The UK government has partnered a slew of major brands in a campaign encouraging the public to resume the activities

Persil "Home is good" by MullenLowe

MullenLowe for Persil

Persil hails the comforts of home as social distancing continues.