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Squarespace "Hello down there" in-house

February 09, 2024

Squarespace Super Bowl LVIII spot illustrates how the right website can get you noticed.

Samsung "Circle to Search line" by Iris

February 02, 2024 Iris for Samsung

Samsung has reimagined Transport for London's Underground map for the first time in 90 years to emphasise the shape of

Spotify "Censored" by Topham Guerin

February 02, 2024

Spotify calls out Apple in a campaign highlighting the restrictions the tech giant places on app developers such as the

Apple "One more" (in-house)

January 24, 2024

A devoted uncle videos his aspiring karate-kid nephew as he strives (and strives) to break planks of wood.

Vodafone Ireland "Remote" by Grey London

January 09, 2024 Grey London for Vodafone

Vodafone Ireland dramatises the fight for control of the TV remote.

Disco "Lady J" by BigSmall

December 08, 2023

Technology company Disco promotes its AI-powered platform Cecilia with five spots featuring the character Lady Justice, or Lady J.

Apple "Fuzzy feelings" by TBWA\Media Arts Lab

November 22, 2023 TBWA\Media Arts Lab for Apple

Apple's festive ad opens with a stop-motion scene in which a man knocks over a bucket of coins for charity

Samsung "Micro miracles" by BMB

November 17, 2023 BMB for Samsung

Samsung spotlights the "unsung heroes" of technology: semiconductors, which are nanoscopic and in a vast array of tech.

Uber One "Best friends" by Mother London

October 27, 2023 Mother London for Uber

Actors Robert De Niro and Asa Butterfield form an unlikely friendship because they both "eat food" and "go places" as

Currys "Beyond techspectations" by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

October 13, 2023 Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO for Currys

Currys illustrates just how knowledgeable its tech experts are in two humorous spots.