Registration and refreshments

08:35 - Chair’s opening remarks

Arvind Hickman , Media Editor, Campaign

08:40 - Reporting audiences for broadcasters, SVOD services and video-sharing platforms
  • In 2021 the advertising and television industry committed to a long-term audience measurement strategy through BARB
  • Understanding what people watch on online and offline platforms is fundamental to BARB’s approach
  • Hear how BARB has recently extended its daily audience reporting to include SVOD and video-sharing platforms

Justin Sampson , Chief Executive, BARB

09:05 - Panel discussion: The business case for TV advertising – how to measure and maximise your TV spend to deliver value
  • Addressing the decline in legacy TV reach and proving strong returns from TV advertising
  • How do you deliver against your objectives and effectively measure performance across all AV channels?
  • Flexible trading – a challenge or an opportunity? Improving efficiencies in the buying process – the role of brands, broadcasters and media agencies

Gareth George, Group Head of Media, RVU (, Uswitch and Zoopla)
Lois Wright, Brand Marketing Manager for Premier Inn, Whitbread
Jacob Dubbins, Co-founder, Conscious Advertising Network (CAN)
Chris Kleinschmidt , Head of CTV Platform Sales, EU, Samsung Ads

09:50 - How Channel 4 and Meta brought back a huge TV hit for a social generation
  • What you can learn from Channel 4’s in-house social content team, taking the social media world by storm, becoming the #1 most viewed branded content provider in the UK
  • The power of partnerships: why Channel 4 and Meta were the perfect partners to re-launch a nostalgic TV show as a social first commission
  • What Meta Quest can bring to new and existing audiences across social, digital & TV

David Amodio Deputy Head of Digital Innovation and 4Studio, Channel 4
Ian Gambier , Creative Director, EMEA, Meta Quest

10:15 - Tesco – Our TV love story
  • Real-life examples of partnership innovation to drive returns in short-term sales and long-term brand health
  • Collaborating with broadcasters to create original content to drive emotional engagement of viewers
  • Reinforcing the value of context, collaboration and creativity in the TV industry

Nick Ashley, Head of Media and Campaign Planning, Tesco
Tom Mardon , Media Manager, Tesco

10:35 - Networking break

10:55 - Case study: Making TV advertising successful and proving its true ROI
  • Revitalising heritage brand with fresh insight rooted into product, brand and culture
  • Lessons from a real-life case study on Branston’s new campaign and creative “Hit of Home”
  • Top tips to increasing campaign effectiveness and demonstrating strong short term ROI verified by volumetric

Vanni Cataldi, Head of Marketing, Europe, Mizkan Euro

11:15 - Understanding the TV data landscape with Samsung Ads
  • What is ACR data and how does it work?
  • How do 3rd party partnerships help to reach key audiences?
  • Explore the data that advertisers should use to trade and measure their CTV campaigns

Chris Kleinschmidt, Head of CTV Platform Sales, EU, Samsung Ads

11:35 - Case study: Taking a holistic approach to TV advertising to develop a strong brand voice
  • Discovering ways to grow in a shrinking market
  • Cultivating personality through TV and social media
  • Responding to the pandemic – lessons learned

Ben Newbury, Senior Brand Manager, Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate

11:55 - Case study: Exploring the role of TV in integrated campaigns
  • Connecting TV to your wider media plan
  • Top tips successful content strategy management
  • Integrated campaigns and fundraising - lessons learned

Rita Batshon, Head of Brand and Content, Stroke Association

12:15 - From 3rd party data to 1st party data: how will addressable TV evolve over the next three years?
  • What does the end of cookies mean for targeted advertising, and specifically for addressable TV?
  • What steps should media owners take now to prepare?
  • What are the questions brands need to ask themselves and their agencies?

Sam Tomlinson, Partner, PwC

12:35 - A case study with Youtube

Polly Browne, Head of UK Retail Video and Display Sales, Google
Zach Jordan, Head of Media Strategy & Planning, The HEINEKEN Company

12:55 - Networking lunch

13:55 - Panel discussion: Debating the long-term effectiveness of TV’s brand building power – what does the future hold?
  • Understanding and embracing the new TV landscape
  • Discussing the long-term effectiveness of TV in a market of continued year-on-year inflation
  • New ways of working - lessons learned from the pandemic
  • Debating how TV should be planned, traded and implemented in a post-Covid-19 world
  • What does advanced TV transformation mean to your business?

Sam Taylor, Head of Commercial Marketing, Direct Line Group (moderator)
Lucas Bergmans, Group Brand Director, Cazoo
Sam Gaunt, EMEA Media Strategy Director, GSK Consumer Healthcare Marketing, GSK
Stef Jansen, Business Development Director, Finecast

14:40 - The power of content – driving innovation and creativity in a medium that is constantly changing
  • Rethinking the creative approach to reaching TV audiences to ensure your campaign is effective
  • Authentic reach – finding the best platforms and the right moments to engage with your audience
  • Driving incremental reach through TV and video

Matt Bushby, UK Marketing Director, Just Eat

15:05 - Deconstructing TV’s renaissance
  • Find out how the TV ad market bounced back in 2021 whilst viewing patterns returned to the pre-pandemic trend
  • Increased booking flexibility, advanced advertising opportunities and surging demand from certain sectors fuelled TV’s renaissance
  • Drawing on the latest full year of data, explore the key factors that impacted the TV ad market in 2021 and their implications for the year ahead

Matt Hill, Research and Planning Director, Thinkbox

15:25 - TV advertising - making measurable results a top priority
  • How to get actionable metrics and insights to prove the ROI of TV campaigns 
  • Understanding what measurement solution is right for your brand
  • The measurement challenge beyond the linear TV

Joseph Cox, Senior Brand and Marketing Strategist

15:50 - Fact or Fiction: Busting the myths on Connected TV advertising
  • Discover how Connected TV is defined and whether it will take over from linear TV
  • Are there large enough audiences to justify marketers’ attention?
  • How can Connected TV deliver personalisation at scale in a brand-safe environment?

Patrick Morell , Director, Inventory and Partnerships, EMEA, The Trade Desk

16:10 - Afternoon coffee break & drinks reception

16:30 - Case study: Emotional advertising on TV – using feelings to influence consumer behaviour
  • What you need to know about HFSS (high in fat, sugar and salt) legislation and other trends impacting advertising in the food industry 
  • Using emotion to drive connection and awareness
  • Creating meaningful connections with customers to engage

Amir Ali, Chief Innovation and Strategy Manager, Mitchells & Butlers

16:50 - Case study: Fostering innovative partnerships with broadcasters
  • Exploring the unique advertising approach to “Sunday night switch off” campaign 
  • Working collaboratively with broadcasters – top tips
  • Providing a culture that encourages creative thinking and collaboration

Cheryl Calverley, CEO, eve sleep
Dan Cullen-Shute, CEO & Co-Founder, Creature

17:15 - Lessons learned from the pandemic - connecting TV to a wider media plan
  • Adapting the content of new campaigns throughout the pandemic
  • Deploying best-in-class TV advertising on a mixed media basis
  • Understanding the impact of TV advertising on different brands in your portfolio

Richard Warren, Director Marketing Communications, Lloyds Banking Group

17:35 - An update from ISBA - the brands view
  • Discover the top things that brands are concerned about in TV
  • What Brands need to measure success
  • Why Brands need support

Bobi Carley, Head of Media/Inclusion Lead, ISBA

17:50 - Chair’s closing remarks & end of conference

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