09:50 Chair’s opening remarks

10:00 State of Play: What are the effects of lockdown and changing viewing behaviours?
  • Exploring the effects of lockdown on the TV buying process, the perception of TV and viewing habits
  • Examining the role TV played in delivering sensitive messaging and the effect this might have on consumer perception
  • As one of the main sources of messaging during lockdown, what effect will this have on the future of TV?

Matt Hill, Research and Planning Director, Thinkbox

10:20 Session Break

10:35 Panel discussion: The power of TV in times of disruption
  • Exploring how TV was used to provide relief and create unity over lockdown
  • How has this time changed consumer perception of TV and its benefits or uses?
  • Examining the role TV played in delivering sensitive messaging
11:00 Session Break

11:50 New ways of working: Creativity and production over lockdown
  • Exploring the effect of the drastic and sudden increase in home working on TV advertising
  • Has this opened the door to more global collaboration that didn't seem possible before?
  • Working with faster cycles and adapting to a more fluid way of working between client, creatives and production

Sergio Lopez, Chief Production Officer, McCann Worldgroup

12:20 Networking Lunch

13:20 Case study: Connecting TV to your wider media plan
  • Exploring what TV strategy will be needed for success in the multi-channel multi-platform future of TV
  • How can digital be used to complement and support traditional TV rather than oppose?
  • Connecting your TV advertising to your wider marketing activity

Joseph Cox, Senior Media Strategy Manager, O2

13:45 Session Break

13:55 Case Study: Measuring success in TV advertising
  • Understanding what measurement solution is right for you
  • How to measure the total value of your investment in TV
  • Will the new ways of buying TV affect measurement?

James Burton Lee, Head of Customer Acquisition, David Lloyd Leisure
James Smith, Managing Director, The Kite Factory

14:20 Session Break

15:00 Case study: The power of creative TV partnerships
  • Exploring the best examples of creative partnerships in TV advertising
  • The power of strong creative ideas in brand building and creating impact
  • How innovative TV partnerships can be expanded to other channels

Matt Bushby, UK Marketing Director, Just Eat
Cheryl Calverly, CEO, Eve Sleep
Ben Middleton, CCO & Co-Founder, Creature London

16:00 Session Break

16:10 Panel discussion - The future of TV: Has disruption made the industry more agile?
  • With the changed ways of working of the past few months, what does the future of TV advertising look like?
  • Has more flexibility in TV booking deadlines created a new way of doing things?
  • How much of what we’ve learnt will we be unlearning and what is here to stay?

Harry Harcus, Managing Director, Finecast
Olaf van Gerwen, Co-founder and Global Creative Director, Chuck Studios
Martin Radford, Business Director, Sponsorship and Media, Ebiquity

16:50 Chair’s closing remarks

16:55 Close of conference

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