08.30 Registration and morning refreshments

09:20 Chair’s opening remarks

Gideon Spanier, global head of media, Campaign

09:25 So what is TV anyway?

Hear industry experts share their personal take on what TV is in just 5 mins

  • How do we define TV and how might this look in the future?
  • How much does this definition vary across the industry?
  • Do we need to be more flexible in our definition of TV?

Bobi Carley, head of media, ISBA
Matt Hill, research and planning director, Thinkbox
Matt Bushby, UK marketing director, Just Eat

Maximising TV

09:40 The battle for screen time, what is the optimum mix for TV advertisers?

Panel discussion

  • With the rise of OTT services, are streaming services a threat to the TV landscape?
  • How can we foster collaboration rather than competition with these platforms?
  • What will the future of TV consumption look like?

Gareth George, head of media and planning,
Tiana Odavic, head of media, UK and Ireland, H&M
Ed Duncan, head of brand and consumer advertising, Smart Energy
James Patterson, VP of client services, EMEA & global operations, The Trade Desk

10:20 The changing viewing landscape


  • Exploring how the way we define TV has evolved and whether the consumer’s view has evolved in the same way
  • How can we align advertising to the changes in viewer consumption and TV delivery?
  • With consumer shifting viewer behaviours, do we need to expand our definition of TV?

Matt Hill, research and planning director, Thinkbox

Breakout Sessions
10:40 Case study: Cutting through the noise in an age of ad blocking and skipping
  • As viewers shift towards ad free spaces how can we maintain their attention?
  • What creative solutions are advertisers using to ensure they are being noticed 
  • What are the implications of these ad blocking technologies and how has it changed the attention economy
Emma Godwin, lead media and campaign planning manager, Tesco
Amy Butterworth, media manager, Tesco
10:40 Case study: TV Advertising for all
  • Exploring how addressable TV can be used by businesses of all sizes
  • Changing the way TV can be used by brands, whether premium or niche, national or local
  • Hear 3 case studies on how AdSmart has been used in completely different ways to deliver on different business objectives

Graeme Hutcheson, director of advanced advertising strategy, Sky Media UK

11:00 Morning refreshments and networking

Breakout Sessions
11:30: Case study: The power of TV for brand-building in a performance-driven market
  • The challenges Direct Line Group faced in the consumer insurance sector, including marketplace commoditization via comparison websites
  • The decision to invest more in brand building, bucking the market trend towards increased reliance on activation
  • TV driven brand campaigns and the impact on business performance
  • Moving forward and turning the learnings into actions

Carl Bratton, head of marketing effectiveness, Direct Line Group

11:30 Case study: The power of TV advertising: How it can be used to boost start-ups
  • How effective is TV advertising in building a brand and scaling a business?
  • Why is UKTV investing in start-ups? What is airtime-for-equity? And how can your brand benefit?
  • With a £1m ad campaign on UKTV’s seven channels, has TV advertising boosted sales and awareness for tech start-up PitPat?

Sheena Amin, director, UKTV Ventures

12:00 ‘How can we maximise TV?’

Quickfire presentations

In this session you will hear multiple perspectives on what it means to maximise TV. Each speaker will present their view and what steps we need to be taking in order to futureproof

  • What needs to change in the TV landscape?
  • What are the implications of more programmatic buying?
  • Can on demand replace the mass reach of linear?

Harry Harcus, UK managing director,  Finecast
Nigel Walley, managing director,  Decipher
Sam Gaunt, head of media, Lidl

12:40 Creative partnerships: How is branded content changing our work?
  • What do audiences expect from brands?
  • How can media owners, brands and content producers work together to create value for audiences and ourselves?
  • Exploring how branded content can create a more seamless integrated ad experience

Donna Tipping, deputy director, marketing and brand, The Stroke Association

13:10 Addressable TV: Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success
  • Operators and broadcasters: what is the framework to success?
  • Partners: what are the toolsets to success?
  • Knowledge sharing: the industry needs experts to navigate addressable

Jamie Caras, senior regional director & head of commercial strategy: UK & Ireland, Freewheel

13:30 Lunch and networking

Mastering Measurement

14:30 Mastering Measurement: What are advertisers asking for?

Panel discussion

  • With multiple ways of buying TV and reaching consumers, how can we effectively measure across TV?
  • What are the challenges and how does TV measurement need to evolve?
  • What effect will more platform agnostic measurement systems have on advertisers' media plans

Sam Taylor, head of commercial marketing, Direct Line Group
Chris Ladd, senior advertising, media and campaign manager, Nationwide
Lisa Walker, head of media and sponsorship, Vodafone
Joe Cox, senior media strategy manager, O2
Nick Ashley, head of media and campaign planning, Tesco

15:10 Cross platform measurement: The Project Dovetail Journey

  • Exploring the progress in Project Dovetail and where it is headed
  • How updates in this area will affect the way we measure and prove the value of TV
  • What the future holds in terms of more platform agnostic measurement tools

Justin Sampson, chief executive, BARB

15:30 Afternoon refreshments and networking

The Future of TV

16:00: The future of addressable TV
  • Exploring the rapidly changing fragmented TV landscape and how viewer behaviour is changing
  • The opportunities to tailor messages to certain segments within an audience
  • In what circumstances would you use addressable TV and what does success look like?

Jakob Nielsen, chief executive officer, Finecast

16:20 Shifting from a TV plan to a holistic AV plan

Case study

  • The future of TV is connected, multi-channel and multi-platform, but how can the industry make this shift?
  • How can digital be used to complement and enhance TV rather than oppose?
  • What strategy will be needed for success in this new landscape?

Marian Holties, marketing director, international, Peloton

16:40 Getting to the heart of what matters


  • What can we learn from the most effective ads of 2019
  • Exploring how emotion drives genuine brand engagement

Simon Daglish, deputy managing director, commercial, ITV
Jon Evans, chief marketing officer, System 1

17:00 Chair's closing remarks

Gideon Spanier, global head of media, Campaign

17:05 Close of conference and networking drinks

*Agenda subject to change

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