Wonderful Workplaces in Marketing

What is it like to work at...?


What is it like to work in Haymarket's automotive division?

Haymarket Media Group is looking for hands-on developers to join its highly profitable and expanding automotive division. Laura Squires, senior...

Opportunity to build your events marketing career



Meet Saatchi & Saatchi's new hire: John-Paul Li, Daniel Marks Planning Academy

"In one day, the Planning Academy opened more doors than a doorman for me" - John-Paul Li


Campaign50: Learning is for life

Melissa Smith, managing director and founder, The Industry Club, highlights why ongoing training is key to unlocking future talent.


What is it like to work in B2B marketing?

Tom Howe, managing partner at The Jefferson Group, looks at how B2B marketing is evolving, why it remains a vibrant...


Gemini People: What makes a 'wonderful workplace'?

Campaign Jobs spoke to Kim Wardle, director at Gemini People - the advertising recruitment specialist - about what makes a...


How to get a job in programmatic advertising

The programmatic advertising industry is buoyant with junior and mid-level positions. Graduates that have a passion for technology can do...


2 in 3 marketers would refuse roles with no flexible working

What do candidates want from employers? What drives marketers to change jobs? How does your salary compare? Download EMR's Salary...


Tackling GDPR as an opportunity, not a threat

Campaign Jobs spoke to Fran Hernandez, managing director at Gemini People, about how they're tackling GDPR and how they see...

Recruitment Advice

How to retain specialist digital talent in the UK through Brexit uncertainty

From promoting diversity to developing internal talent, Campaign Jobs looks at how you can ride the Brexit storm and retain...

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