Submit your work: what we need

To get the best out of The Work showcase here are some guidelines explaining what information we need, image sizes that would be most useful and file types most compatible with the site:

Credits to be supplied with creative:

Campaign title
Client's name and job title
Creative agency
Art director
Media agency
Media planner
Production company
Illustrator / photographer
Music production / track
Audio post-production


Minimum size for magazine: 20cm wide
Resolution: 300dpi

Minimum size for web only: 1280 x 854px
Resolution: 72dpi

Video files

For best results

Aspect ratio: 16:9
File format: mov/mp4/avi with H.264 compression

To make sure your video is displayed at the top of your showcase page using all available space send us a standalone file to download rather than a link to a file embedded on another host site such as YouTube.

For print, outdoor and digital campaigns you can supply a variety of images of the creative and we'll create a gallery to display your work. Videos showing the making of a campaign, demonstrating how an app or website works, or showing behind the scenes footage are also welcome and can be included alongside the creative.

All details of new campaigns along with the above files and credits should be emailed to Imogen Watson at